How to play Sombra, tips and tricks to bring back the new work

One of the heroes in Overwatch 2 that got a minor rework is Sombra. Here’s how to play Sombra in the Overwatch 2 closed beta!

Many heroes from Overwatch have been reworked and changed in Overwatch 2 due to the change in the way Overwatch is played. In fact, you can find all the current changes to Overwatch Champions here.

And with Overwatch 2 changing from a 6v6 to 5v5 combination, you’ll need to make sure your skills match your team!

One of the heroes reworked in Overwatch 2 is Sombra. We’ll help you learn how to play Sombra in the current version of Overwatch 2!

Overwatch 2 Beta

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Best Strategies for Sombra in Overwatch 2 Closed Beta

Here are some helpful tips and tricks, plus what has changed with Sombra in Overwatch 2:

Sombra’s changes from the live version of Overwatch to the Closed Beta of Overwatch 2 aren’t too drastic.

Unlike Bastion, Doomfist, or Orisa, Sombra’s rework focuses more on changing its gameplay to suit Overwatch 2.

We’ll cover what has changed with her abilities, so you can keep up with the Sombra rework!

machine gun

Sombra’s primary fire, its automatic pistol, was a bit balanced. However, not much of a note has changed here.

Her damage reduced to 7, from 8 in the current game. The machine gun also has a 10% reduction in proliferation.


Sombra’s many changes occur with her hacking ability. There are some differences here, so stay tuned!

Overwatch 2 Sombra Hacking Enemies Guide

Hack’s cooldown time has been reduced from eight seconds to four seconds, with the cooldown time being reduced when health packs are hacked.

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Another important thing to note is that hacked enemies are no longer able to be unlocked for five seconds. They’ve only been locked for a second now.

However, Sombra and her team can now see penetrating enemies through walls for eight seconds after penetrating enemies.

Sombra’s changes obviously mean you can hack enemies to provide locations for your team. If the annoying damage hero weaves in and out, his hack will appear to your team for some time.

And with Hack having reduced lag time, constantly using this ability is something you’ll need to get used to. This brings us to Sombra’s new idle ability.

Overwatch 2 Sombra Hacking Guide


When enemies are hacked, they take 40% more damage when hit. That’s a lot of damage!

So now, not only is the Hack process slowing down somewhat, showing the locations of the enemies, but they are getting more hits from your team. As mentioned before, keeping the breakouts consistent is essential.


Stealth has been made more useful to aid Sombra’s more hack-oriented gameplay.

Sombra can use her hacking ability while in stealth without ever ending. However, it is visible during the hack and for 0.75 seconds after the hack.

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Enemies can now detect it from 4m instead of the usual 2m, but it can fade into its stealth ability faster.

This is to make Sombra more dependent on her abilities, it seems. Her pistol does not deal much damage, however, with Stealth and Hack, she can jump on many enemies.

Overwatch 2 Sombra Guide Stealth

The idea is to get close to an enemy hero in disguise, hack him to lock his abilities, and make him visible. After that, you can either run away quickly or get some shots and do a great deal of damage.

You want to use the Stealth + Hack combination on any enemies that maintain their team composition. Flipping Reinhardt off his shield for a split second is enough to break a team’s defense, for example.


Last but not least is EMP. Sombra’s final has been modified to compensate for the changes to Overwatch.

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Enemies affected by HP lose 40% of their current health, however, electromagnetic pulses do not deal additional damage to protect health ponds.

Just like any other hacked enemy, electromagnetic pulses allow you to see enemies through walls as well as inflict increased damage.

comprehensive strategy

Using all of Sombra’s gadgets, including her unchanging ability on the Transolcator, you should be able to keep the pressure on enemy heroes.

Overwatch 2 Gameplay Trailer


You want to get in and out as fast as you can, trying to disrupt their defense or attack enough so your team can pounce on the others and smash the rest.

Obviously, the Sombra hack is now less effective when it comes to enemy abilities, so watch out, as they can easily retaliate.

Focus on using Hack on Support or Tank heroes. Getting them out sooner will make your team’s job less difficult.

As you can tell, not much has changed with Sombra, so most of the main Sombra fonts will find it easy to get used to again.

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