“I could never understand who he was or what drove him” – Liberation

The actor looks back on his hard work embodying Arthur and his Joker lookalike. A monster he had to explain without dispelling all the mystery.

When we meet Joaquin Phoenix on September 23, the American controversies leading up to the launch of joker Not yet relevant. Fortunately, we have not yet read that, a few hours before our appointment, the actor interrupted an interview with a journalist from the British daily. telegraph Because of a question we consider inappropriate, and we had no intention of asking him in any way. Despite the obvious exhaustion he apologized for, he was very kind to us, but with feline kindness, meaning we felt like it wasn’t much enough for this incredibly insightful and deep-skinned guy. Existence does not withdraw itself, even to turn its kindness into hostility.

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Anyway, he’s not the type to talk about what he doesn’t mean. Comics? “I got it when I was a kid, but he didn’t care about me for at least thirty years.” The many films that director Todd Phillips is referring to joker ? Except for the documentaries, he didn’t show me any films to prepare. I hate doing that.” Then the nuances were: On the other hand, we discussed how joker They can be closer to certain films of the ’70s than films of today. At that time, we were not afraid to make films with characters with ambiguous motives, which can be seen in very different degrees, as entertainment for some and provocations for others. joker for this audacity. It cannot be reduced to a single point of view. It’s not an educational movie, it pushes you to put a little bit of yourself into it, to show yourself in it.

We didn’t think we’d get to the film’s political dimension soon, and it’s itself a mystery in our eyes, while some (including Juan Branco on social networks) are already waving it as the banner of revolution. “It’s not that simple, The actor responds. Much of this story emerges through Arthur’s perception and what he expects of the world, which falls short of generosity or concern for others. He is a deeply narcissistic being, who just wants to be loved. The movie actually does a lot to take away any viewer’s identification of the character. And this is where Phoenix indirectly answers the question that bothered him the day before in London, about the possible incitement to violence that Arthur Joker could represent: Nothing makes us forget that he is also a dangerous sociopath towards whom. “One can only have complex and contradictory feelings.”


It is interesting to compare in passing joker For the pathetic rapper who played during a long prank that led to the appearance of this artwork I’m still here, She marked some very embarrassing appearances on talk shows. “It’s quite the opposite! I was mostly making fun of myself and some friends. When I was a guest on David Letterman [animateur du Late Show, ndlr]And I made him a kind of partner in my prank, I wasn’t against him. On the contrary, Arthur does not have a sense of humor, he only wants to introduce himself, to be recognized.

We feel that Phoenix himself is very uncomfortable with Arthur. “He was a very oppressive character. I could never understand who he was or what drove him. In each scene, I sensed what was right or wrong at a certain point in his development, but it was a very progressive and instinctive build. On the contrary, Joker “It was a release. I had so much fun with him that it often hurt to go back to Arthur after he was the Joker.

Whether it’s his ambiguities or his developments, Phoenix talks about Arthur Joker only in terms of moves and transformations. The story of a discouraging monster who becomes a terrifying dancer, closer to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde than to awakening a political consciousness. This is the story I told myself: The Joker has been around for a long time trying to get out of Arthur’s body to possess him. Uncontrollable laughter is part of this transformation: The Joker is trying to impose himself. And he succeeded in performing this physical transformation prominently through amazing bodily movements, even playing with his bones that stand out with his weight loss of more than 20 kilograms. “Because I lost weight, everything came out very easily!”

“feel”. But his extremist regime responded to a deeper need. “I first researched what kind of medication Arthur could take for his mental disorders and what side effects they could have on patients. One of the most common symptoms is significant weight loss or weight gain. So I haven’t lost a lot of weight just to lose a lot of weight But above all I feel the effects of the drugs on the body in a more realistic way. And indeed, I experienced my body in a new way. It changed me psychologically as much as it transformed me physically. I didn’t think it would be so difficult.” Not wanting to highlight his performance further, he almost speaks of himself as a craftsman. “It is above all the result of a lot of research work: seeing pictures of people with the same problem as Arthur, these fits of uncontrollable laughter due to intense emotion, reading books about trauma after stress … Of course, it affects you but it’s not Very dangerous. The gameplay was very exciting especially.

The performance of the word itself does not appeal to him. “Performance” means that I think above all about the impact I will have on people. It’s a mistake to think that actors think that first. The only time I can’t forget the spectators is when I drop into a street with 100 spectators and paparazzi all over the place! Otherwise, I do not think of the audience. Embodying a character is not a performance, it is an experience.


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