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Awareness is the greatest agent of change. – Eckhart Tolle

To spread awareness regarding health, one needs to accept and understand the health issues that are less frequently spoken. On World Health Day, we bring you a summary of films based on health issues and also celebrities who have been in the headlines lately due to their health issues.

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At the Academy Awards, when Chris Rock taunted Jada Pinkett Smith’s vixen with a G.I. Jane joke, the world was divided over what followed. But something good came out of the unfortunate incident. The tabloids all over the world talked about alopecia and the struggle of patients who suffer from it.

The 2019 film Gone Kesh (Hair Gone), directed by Kassem Khloo, is about aspiring dancer Enakshi Dasgupta, performed by Shweta Tripathi, who has alopecia.

Taare Zameen Par

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The Grammys saw Lady Gaga’s strong performance but her longtime friend Tony Bennett missed the stage. The 95-year-old American singer was unable to perform due to his suffering with Alzheimer’s disease, but he made a surprise appearance with a pre-recorded video of Gaga’s introduction. From love stories like The Notebook and Fifty First Dates to science fiction thriller films about animals, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, Alzheimer’s disease has been a much-explored health problem. Actor Ajay Singh Choudhury says, “I only learned about Alzheimer’s after I watched The Notebook. In our country there is not much awareness of this disease. People feel that Alzheimer’s means memory loss, but it is just a part of it. Another misconception is that it only happens to old people. Age. As a celebrity, I feel that we can create awareness about this disease by starting a conversation. Since the color purple is associated with this disease, we can spend a purple day and post pictures on social media.”

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Then there are some problems, such as celiac disease, infertility and mental disorders, which despite having space in film scripts did not find acceptance in society. It makes the recent trolling of Miss Universe Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu not surprising at all. Chandigarh-born Sandhu has not apologized for her struggle with celiac disease.

Delnaz Irani, who recently learned about the disease, says, “Recently, Miss Universe Harnaz Sandhu spoke about the disease and really started reading about the condition. I feel that if more celebrities were open about the conditions they are going through on a daily basis, it would really lead to an increase Awareness “.

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Actress Sumi Ali is devastated after seeing Julianne Moore in Still Alice, an early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. The actress even set out to research the difference and connection between dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. She says, “A friend of mine from college has had hair loss and has been wearing a wig for years. He made her feel safe and that’s a choice she had every right to make. I also applaud Jada Pinkett Smith for not hiding her illness by wearing a wig. The fact that she publicly shares her struggles over the media Social communication about alopecia areata is commendable.”

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After news of his favorite Hollywood actor Bruce Willis suffering from aphasia that affects the ability to communicate, Anuj Sachdeva has read more about the disease. He says, “Depression is a health problem that is often misunderstood. If it is not treated in time, it can have a severe impact. I feel that communication is the first step towards getting help.”

Sharad Malhotra pays tribute to R Balki’s Paa which was based on a boy suffering from a rare genetic condition known as premature aging. He says, “I was moved after watching the movie. I wanted to know more so I read about it and learned that from the doctor’s friends.”

Lesson learned

Shweta Tripathi played a patient with alopecia in Gon Kish. It’s one of the stories she was proud to be a part of. Shweta says, “When I was offered this role I had no idea what the disease was, but once I started shooting the movie I knew a lot of people were suffering from it. There is so much in the world that may not be our reality but it still happens, and I am lucky to be I work in a profession that educates and sensitizes you to human problems and emotions with each new project.”

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