Isabelle Carré: ‘I only feel strong today’

Marie Claire : Do you like your face?

Isabel Carey: Yes, I would love to see him grow up because he tells me more things than he did when he was younger. It’s always been too smooth for my taste.

Are you a girl or a woman

I feel like a woman since my teens. You are my father’s father.

Theater and writing are addictive

Do you sleep at night?

not much. When I play in the theater, I sleep late and wake up very early because I take my youngest friend to school.

I have to cook from 7am to prepare my kids lunch boxes because they don’t have a canteen. I’ll sleep when I’m old! (Laughs.)

Was your mother controlling or submissive?

Presenter. You might think my mother was reproducing an old mannequin, but it was really a way to get her husband to work a little wobbly.

How many drugs do you need to live?

Theatre, of course: I need it to live. Wine: always two glasses, no less, no more, after the performance. I need it to land. Writing: When your hands get dirty, you can’t take them off!

Finally the smiles and scents of my children and the words exchanged with them.

The best look we put on you?

that my children.

Name three dream lovers in your life.

The gorgeous Joaquin Phoenix, the funny Bill Murray, the handsome Barack Obama, and the stunning Penelope Cruz, who almost make me want to kick my darling.

Your greatest simple pleasure?

Watch the waves break on the beach, in Saint-Jean-de-Luz or elsewhere.

Your last Google search?

Barack Obama. I wanted to check our age difference. Ten years, still lovers! (laugh.)

Best advice you’ve received?

It comes from Jean Cocteau: “What we reproach you for, we sow, it is you.”

80’s nostalgia

The last thing you drank and ate?

Melts marshmallows on toast (recipe younger than me) and kerr royale.

I love the aesthetics and ambiance of those years.

The taste you are ashamed of?

Exactly … royal kier, since one evening a great chef told me that it is quite old as an appetizer. I suppose. I know it’s from the 80’s, but that’s why I like it so much. I love the aesthetics and ambiance of those years.

What can you not bear to be said about you?

Sexual meditations where we guess some concession. Aspect: “She’s only a young actress, what’s she getting into?”. I still feel strong, but sometimes I get the impression that people want to explain life to me. This does not happen.

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