It may be too late to save the fandom of Overwatch

Note and watchThe announcement trailer, released in 2014, was amazing and beautiful, and it launched a strong fan base. Players loved the bright designs, strong characterization, and optimism ingrained in the setting. The game’s launch and cinematic follow-up solidified this fan base; People loved charging characters, imagining their missions, and daydreaming about the lore of the future. Note and watch It was so widespread and creative that it revolutionized the base 34 scene; was the game Everywhere.

Then, suddenly, he disappeared. The flag slowed down considerably after 2018 and eventually stopped altogether, along with the major additions – we haven’t seen a new champion since 2020. Now, on the cusp Monitor 2Entering the PvP beta and the new Overwatch League season, the game should be ready for a triumphant return. Instead, it’s on shakier ground than ever before, and other developers have grabbed the momentum from Blizzard and ran with it instead.

open the gates

Note and watch He did not invent the idea of ​​building a hero-shooter around strong characters that are projected through the cinema. valve Castle Team 2 And its “Meet the Team” filmmakers are still holding up nearly 15 years later, and are far less complex and detailed than Note and watchtrailers.

But Note and watchThe perfect and diverse cast of the near future has attracted a fan base that has historically been underserved by the first-person shooter genre. Communities of women and gay players gathered around the game; Some of them were there mostly for the gameplay, while others were there for the lore and characters above all else.

Note and watch At its height, it was a legitimate cultural phenomenon. Brilliant cinematics, vibrant character design, and allusions to the narrative have inspired the most massive fan base. disguise people Note and watch Characters and their skins, create fan art, write long-running fan epics, collaborate on 3D animation of their original heroes, and more. These players are heart Note and watch Fan base, they play the game and let it fuel their imaginations.

Effect Note and watch It is evident in many of its competitors. Character lists seem more important than ever; The mere presence of a string of gun men with a mysterious background just didn’t cut it any longer. Apex LegendsAnd rainbow six siegeAnd brave They are all great examples of games where the aesthetics of the character, their characters, and their background are as important as the way they play. Other developers are now creating and enhancing characters like braveneon, Filipino fast paced; rainbow six sigTrans Osa operator, non-binary Apex Legends Police dog character.

Note and watch It will lose out to these other titles in the years to come, not because of its roster or tradition, but because of the lack of consistency around it.

Plot, speed and purpose

Note and watch Set up big, dramatic dominos – then just go to nod at them and say “Very cool, right?” There were big puzzles created from day one, like facing its climax in the Swiss headquarters of Overwatch. In the 2016 movie “Recall,” Winston presses the big red button to restart Overwatch. We don’t see Overwatch actually doing a job until the 2019 cinematic “Zero Hour,” which is creating campaign content that doesn’t currently have a release date.

My personal breaking point was the Storm Rising Archives event in 2019. This landmark event culminated in a robotic meeting with Doomfest, the leader of the Talon terrorist organization. He agreed to join the case, then took off his hood to reveal…just like a robot. I haven’t seen him before nor since. Instead of solving anything with the current cast, there is a new, random character with a lot of puzzles. I’ve waited months to find out, and all I’m really left with is waiting for more answers. I couldn’t do that anymore.

While Note and watch Stumbled, like games brave And Apex Legends jump into the gap. brave It is set to release six new champions each year, but most importantly, Riot has proven its ability to maintain a fan base.

braveIn particular, it creates a convenient “gift” on which fans can safely theorize and imagine the characters. There are big cinemas full of stories, but they’re also packed with smaller pieces meant to set up the moment. You can watch Raze dance around her hometown and get a manga-inspired look at Yoru’s usual day. A January movie called “The Warm Up” shows a group of actors training and rehearsing a goal. There are no narrative bets, no confrontations, and no epic storyline. It’s just kidding and fun action. Nothing is stuck in a slum waiting for the story to click together perfectly.

while, Note and watch Fans have been daydreaming about parts of the game’s law as they wait for the next installation in the story, only to have their thoughts about the past or present contradict each other later as the plot progresses from revelations to reveal. Questions set about the Reaper were answered, all the way back in 2016, in the 2022 novel, but many fans were unhappy with the answers.

Too little, too late

At the end of 2021, Blizzard finally moved Note and watch forward plot. The company released a series of comics featuring cowboy outlaw Cole Cassidy, formerly Jesse McCurry, bringing the gang back together. The character was renamed in October, as Activision Blizzard removed references to developers and employees in the wake of a sexual harassment and gender discrimination lawsuit.

There was also the 2020 Tracer comic, with a nice supporting cast, made by an artist that I really liked. But it’s too late! There’s only so long you can tap the pot with a ladle promising me a good pass, offering only spoons, before I go and find another basin.

Note and watchHis traditions have been stagnating for so long, and his fan base has been willing to whip up a meal of crumbs scattered over the years, that I feel like the fan version of the cast is more solid than the actual canon. A short story came out from Reaper and I was kind of confused the whole time. I do not know who This is amazing Man, but he’s not a reaper me.

It’s possible that Blizzard can get her magic back Monitor 2Upcoming PvE updates and campaigns, and it’s also possible that the train has left the station. There was a short and bright moment in my life that I really loved Note and watch. Now, I feel a vague frustration with the franchise. There is only a long time that you ask players to wait and see before they give up completely.

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