It’s the romance of the least expensive actors in Hollywood


Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara are one of the favorite couples in Hollywood today, but they are very different from the rest of the celebrities for the following reasons.

Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara: This is the romance of the most secretive actors in Hollywood.© GettyJoaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara: This is the romance of the most secretive actors in Hollywood.

It’s not uncommon in Hollywood for two top celebrities to make up a romance that the general public loves, but it’s weird when there’s no word on the relationship. This is what happens with the emotional bond between Joaquin Phoenix yes Ronnie Marawho turns 37 this Sunday. How do you go about your life away from constant exposure?

In the middle of 2012, when Spike Jones started filming for him, the actors met for the first time in front of the cameras and sealed their first encounter, although it was not then that he made the engagement official. In 2016, they met again for the movie Mary Magdalene There was no turning back in their loving bond. according to PhoenixThey were just friends texting each other and he hadn’t googled it, so he kept a special affection that crystallized over time.

Without much news about her, They unexpectedly appeared on the red carpet at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival and finally introduced the world to their celebrity romance. And because they didn’t show up, they decided not to comment on too many details about them, so The news of their engagement in 2019 came through a leak, not officiallyWhich has been confirmed over time by vision rune With a diamond ring.

In early 2020, the two reappeared on the big red carpet after Joaquin received several nominations for his performance in jokerBut until then there were no public declarations of love, so the mystery continued. The distance between them from the audience was such that they did not announce that they would be parents, let alone say anything when Little River was born.It was named after the late actor’s brother.

So far, the only photos of the actors’ son come from a few paparazzi who are interested in their public outings, but have not officially presented him. of course not Joaquin Phoenix no more Ronnie Mara They have social networks, and their recent appearance has more to do with the causes of saving the environment and their fights for animal abuse, which they talked about more than once.

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