Jared Leto has no regrets and hints that he might come back

In the full upgrade of MorbiusJared Leto was captured by his role as Joker, for which he received a lot of criticism.

If Sony and its Spiderverse follow in the MCU’s footsteps by offering more and more derivative films, they’re about to introduce a new villain or anti-hero: Morbius. It’s still not released in cinemas, since Morbius was cut while editing the film codeSpider-Man’s enemy is played by Jared Leto in the movie Morbius. Fortunately for the actor, no one will be able to compare him with his colleagues. Comparisons with other interpretations of the Joker have done him a lot of damage.

He was seen in his role as a DC Super-Villain in suicide squad then in Justice League Zack SnyderThe actor received a lot of criticism for his performance. Even if we imagine that passing after Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger doesn’t have to be easy, Joaquin Phoenix’s acclaimed explanation in Joker Show that you can still play the big bad and, above all, do it well.

Blur, it wasn’t that bad

On a promotional tour for his movie Morbius And for his next series I crashedJared Leto has returned to his career in an interview with variety. The actor took the opportunity to quickly talk about his role as Joker and to discuss a possible comeback:

“This role was the opportunity of a lifetime, and I was fortunate enough to play it twice. […] never say never.”

Quick, but clear, his intervention suggests he has no regrets about his role. Maybe the critics haven’t heard (we doubt) or maybe he’s become senile? Unlike Sahib suicide squad Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), who has returned to suicide squad And for presentation Birds of prey and the wonderful story of Harley QuinnJoker Leto appears to have been ignored instead. Unhappy, the actor appears somewhat ready for a sequel. Perhaps he is the only one.

Suicide Squad: Photographed by Jared Leto

“Promise me, I promise I will stop showing my rotten teeth!”

The Joker made fun of him a lot, and he didn’t even have a right to redemption in the Snyder movie, because his appearances were stories. The actor, who appears proficient in the art of bad faith, also said that if Morbius did not succeed, it was because the film came out too late, after delays caused by the pandemic. But yeah, we do believe you, Jared. If he has already exonerated himself, even before the film’s release, we dare not imagine his level of performance.

But we shouldn’t forget that Jared Leto is also a co-actor, and has always given himself to invest himself physically in his films, going from thin to overweight or accepting makeup altogether. To see if his Morbius will live up to some of his previous roles, go to the cinema on March 30, 2022.


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