Joaquin Phoenix: 5 Unlikely Roles

Praised for his role in the movie “Joker Written by Todd Phillips, who even won an Oscar for Best Actor, Joaquin Phoenix, at the age of 45, is hiding a career longer than you think. Crazy Professor in “The Irrational Man” by Woody Allen (2015), a tormented lover in the film Two LoversJames Gray (2008) or contract killer in The Sisters Brothers By Jacques Audiard (2018), he always seems to know how to…play it all. More mysterious and less well-known, some of his individual roles deserve special attention: here are the top five unlikely roles of Joaquin Phoenix.

“I’m Still Here – The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix” by Casey Affleck (2011) © CTV International

Born in 1974 into a family of actors, Joaquin Phoenix started playing at a very young age alongside his brother River and sisters Liberty and Summer. Early in 1995, he came to prominence for his role in Gus Van Sant ready for everything He has since produced films with notable directors such as Paul Thomas Anderson or Spike Jones. Embodying the devastating madness of characters imbued with their unparalleled strength, this ball kid is so deeply committed to his roles that his physical transformations transform him almost every year. But during such a long career, there were still a few pitfalls, which die-hard fans will be able to forgive. A look back at five unlikely roles for Joaquin Phoenix.

“Russky” – trailer

1. A patriotic child in Rusky (1987) by Rick Rosenthal

In the tense context of the Cold War, Three young Americans discover a Russian sailor stranded on the shores of Florida. Fearing an invasion by the Soviet army, the three teenagers captured the seas. 11-year-old Joaquin Phoenix stars in this ’80s-worthy movie full of all-American patriotism that promises to be on board”On the adventure of a lifetime“.

“The spitting portrait of a typical family” – Introduction

2. Teen porn fan Spitting portrait of a typical family (1989) by Ron Howard

Still in his teens, the actor is looking for his place in a typical American family. Behind the seemingly poetic picture, many neuroses are unleashed. He plays Gary, a young teenager suffering from the absence of a father, who removes his pain by consuming several porn videos.

“U-turn” – trailer

3. Insanely jealous boyfriend in to retreat (1997) by Oliver Stone

Along with Sean Penn and Claire Dance – No matter how promising the cast of the cast – Joaquin Phoenix embarks on a questionable movie. Bobby Cooper (Sean Penn) breaks down in a small town in Arizona. While waiting for his car to be fixed, he meets the locals, each crazier than the other. In the middle of this hilarious comedy, Joaquin Phoenix embodies Toby N Tucker (or TNT for friends), a crazy jealous lover with an evocative acronym. He takes it in his head to strike a newcomer who dares to speak to his sweetheart.

Bear Brother – Trailer

4. Bear in Bears brother (2004) by Robert Walker and Aaron Blaise

A great animal activist, Joaquin Phoenix has been a vegetarian since the age of three and requires costume designers to use non-animal fibers during filming. In 2003, he lent his voice to Disney Unknown: Bears brother. Kina, a troubled young man, magically transforms into a bear, and attempts to restore human form by reaching a mountain where the “lights touch the ground” to summon the great spirits.

“I’m Still Here” – Trailer

5. The depressed rapper in it I’m still here (2011) by Casey Affleck

Probably the most likely of all, This role plays the boundary between reality and fantasy. In 2008, after filming in two lovers By James Gray, the actor creates a surprise and announces that he is ending his acting career to devote himself entirely to rap. Then he appeared on televisions with a big beard, disheveled hair and sunglasses, without at all referring to his latest film. Then he disappeared for two years. In 2010, the actor reappeared, after which this strange episode suddenly appeared: starring in I’m still hereBy Casey Affleck, the world discovers that this brutal transformation was nothing but a vast hoax, forming the plot of this satirical Hollywood cover-up. Given this false comedian diversion, we see Joaquin Phoenix ordering drugs, prostitutes, and pizza while failing to secure a contract with the rap label, gradually plunging into an alleged depression.


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