Joaquin Phoenix (Joker): How did he lose 23 kilos for the role?

to embody joker, in the Todd Phillips movie that aired on TF1 on Sunday, March 13 at 9:10 p.m., Joaquin Phoenix enforced a strict diet based on steamed vegetables. The results on the scale were not long in coming. The actor has already shed 23 kilograms. Apparently adept at physical transformations, he transformed once again to embody NapoleonAnd In the upcoming Ridley Scott movie.

Joaquin Phoenix is ​​one of those actors who put their bodies to the test. An impressive physical transformation, an amazing weight gain or a strict diet: the actor never hesitates to change himself for his roles in the cinema. In Ridley Scott’s next movie where he plays Napoleon, he seems to have once again called upon his chameleon talents. Indeed, the first photos of the shooting show him dressed as the French emperor, with vintage features. A new physical transformation no doubt will not equal that of joker, Broadcast on TF1 on Sunday, March 13th at 9:10pm.. In the movie Todd Phillips, The 44-year-old comedian wowed everyone with a drastic transformation. In pictures of the Golden Lion award-winning film at the Venice Film Festival, Batman’s opponent looks emaciated, ribs and shoulder blades appear raised. Complete fitness with personality, suffering from mental illness. Joaquin Phoenix’s physical change for his latest role couldn’t be more extreme. And for good reason, The actor lost 23 kilos.

Before passing in front of the exit camera, Joaquin Phoenix won eight long months of preparation including four harsh diets. “This way of life was horrible”, remembered with The New York Times That’s why I wrote to you Who succeeded Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger or Jared Leto in the role. At first I thought the Joker should be a little more plump, but Todd Philip told me, “You have to play a really skinny character.” But to get into the character’s skin, Joaquin Phoenix almost lost his mind, like Arthur Fleck. “This weight loss affects your brain. You start to panic when you lose that weight”Representative explained. To achieve this massive weight loss, Joaquin Phoenix enforced an extremely severe diet.

“I learned to dance and wiggle”

Contrary to the first rumors circulating, he only ate one apple a day. There was also steamed lettuce and green beans, Added in the columns of the magazine being able to. It’s something I’ve done before, and worked under the supervision of a doctor safely.” delicate , Joaquin Phoenix also danced to play the role of the Joker. “When I began my research, I decided to do it my way. I learned to dance and wiggle, not influenced by previous explanations, nor by any comics. I had enough freedom to find my version of the Jokera description of ABC. There is no doubt that the Phoenix version of the Joker will remain in cinema history.

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