Joaquin Phoenix: This Cruel Diet Forced Himself To Play The Joker

It’s the night that TF1 will broadcast the Academy Award-winning psychological thriller in prime time Joker. Movie star Joaquin Phoenix who embodies the main character and who pushes the physical and mental transformation away, to the limits of insanity…

In the world of cinema, there are two opposing schools. The first, actors and actresses who are careful not to become the enemy of the camera, ruthlessly chase every extra kilogram, fiercely removing the slightest trace of wrinkles. Then there is the other. That of actors willing to push the transformation even further, to become the character. Among them is Charlize Theron. The South African bombshell, too, was rewarded for this risk. was the actress Oscar winner for her role in monster by Patti Jenkins She played the famous serial killer Aileen Wuornos. To explain the killer, Charlize Theron had to wear a latex mask in addition to artificial teeth and agreed to take about fifteen kilograms.

Among the sacred beasts of Hollywood who do not hesitate to push the cork too far, Also features Christian Bale or File Talented Joaquin Phoenix. This Sunday, March 13th, TF1 will broadcast in prime time Joker We will see Rotary transformation of the actor Who brings to this hero what it takes madness to make him, One of the scariest characters in movie history…

Weight loss affects your brain

Amazing psychological portrait of Batman’s enemywho accompanied himself to the actor Real work on his body. To embody the most famous movie clown, brother of the late River Phoenix He imposed himself on a strict diet and preparation for eight months Four of them almost starved themselves. However, it was not what he had originally imagined: “I thought the Joker needed to be a little plump, but Todd Philip told me, “You have to play a really skinny character.” During that “a priestHe eats almost nothing, except for an apple a day. There was also steamed lettuce and green beans, Adds in the columns of the magazine Arrival. It’s something I’ve done before, and worked under the supervision of a doctor safely.” In total, the actor loses more than 23 kilograms. The result is an almost emaciated look, and when Joaquin Phoenix starts dancing on screen, it’s just like that As if death itself was dancing in front of the stunned spectator. “This weight loss affects your brain”, to explain Rooney Mara’s companion who didn’t speak to anyone but the director during filming to stay focused on the role of Arthur Fleck.

The experience will not go in vain, however, today Joaquin Phoenix is ​​considered one of the greatest Joker can be imagined. The comedian won for this role Golden Globe, as well as the Academy Award in 2020. The ultimate reward for what turns out undoubtedly, is his life role.

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