Joaquin Phoenix undergoes a physical transformation for a new role

Joaquin Phoenix has undergone an impressive transformation in his latest role.

The joker The starlet is known for giving her everything to get into the character and isn’t shy about changing up her looks if the role calls for it.

Phoenix has already lost 23 kg (52 lb) to play Arthur Fleck in 2019 and is now cast on his latest movie set. Boulevard deception It looks noticeably different from what it usually does.


In the footage, Phoenix can be seen standing shirtless with thin gray hair, and is also seen wearing short shorts and a white shirt.

Phoenix has previously opened up about the struggle to lose weight for her role in joker.

He told The Associated Press, “Once you reach your target weight, everything changes. Like a lot of the hard thing is getting up every day and gaining about 0.3 pounds. Right?”

credit: PA
credit: PA

“And you really develop into a turmoil. I mean, it’s wild.”

Phoenix added, “I think the interesting thing for me is what I’ve been expecting and expecting from losing weight is feelings of dissatisfaction, hunger, and a certain kind of weakness and vulnerability.

“But what I did not expect was this feeling of fluidity that I felt physically.”

And it looks like Phoenix might be ready to start over, following rumors at that moment joker The movie is on the cards, with The Hollywood Reporter claiming that director Todd Phillips is already working on a sequel.

Phoenix has already admitted that he wants to make a sequel, if the story is true.

Credit: Warner Bros.
Credit: Warner Bros.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, he said, “Long before it was released or before we had a clue about its success, we talked about the sequel.

“During the second or third week of filming, I was like Todd [Phillips, director]Can you start working on a supplement? There is a lot to explore.” It was kind of a joke, but not really. »

But he explained, “I’m not going to do a sequel just because the first movie was a hit. That’s ridiculous.”

credit: PA
credit: PA

“I think the fear was to lock yourself up over and over into doing something that you don’t really care about, that doesn’t motivate or excite you,

“Part of my whole attraction is that there was no waiting. I didn’t sign an agreement to do so [more movies]. It was a unique piece. »

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