Joaquin Phoenix was in a relationship with a Star Academy member

You may not know it, but the actor Joaquin Phoenix He was in a relationship with a young woman who I probably discovered in star Academy. It is not on the students’ side that you find the chosen one in your heart… but on the teachers’ side.

Joaquin Phoenix in a relationship with Aria Crescendo

In the fifth and sixth seasons of Star Academy, viewers were able to follow the series yoga class the pupils. Back then, 21-year-old Arya helped the students gain flexibility, build muscle, and calm their dose of stress.

Purepeople reports that Aria met Joaquin Phoenix in 2010 through her record company, Interscope, while singing in a band. In an interview with NRJ, she gave some details about Love at first sight : “We’re together, we speak English. There was an Interscope (his record company, editor’s note) party in January and I met him there. He’s a very talented person. He writes a movie about musicals, so it was initially for work and then we had a twinkle.”

Joaquin Phoenix and Aria Cresendo love stories

Today escalation song In a relationship with photographer and yoga teacher Jose Forrestal. Together they have two children. She was a yoga teacher to many Hollywood celebrities before returning to France to open her own yoga studio. On Instagram, she has nearly 150,000 subscribers with whom she shares yoga tips or lives on the topic.

Joaquin Phoenix put himself on his side linked With actress Rooney Mara in 2016. They have performed together on several occasions: at Her, don’t worry, he won’t go far on foot and Marie Madeleine. After three years of dating, they announced their engagement in 2019. Rooney Mara gave birth to their first child, River, on September 27, 2020.

On the career side, he is currently on the set of Napoleon by Ridley Scott. The audience hoped to find him in the skin of the Joker for the sequel to the film.

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