Joaquin Phoenix wraps his arm around Rooney Mara as the couple take a rare walk together – Reuters

The Big Apple became the “City of Love” for Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara. The private couple made a rare public appearance together while in New York!

Do you think Joaquin Phoenix Taking Ronnie Mara at joker The stairs during their New York adventure on Tuesday? In fact, the stairs are in the Bronx, and the couple was photographed in Manhattan on October 6. Joaquin, 46, and Ronnie, 36, were out, apparently on errands in New York. During rare viewing, the Inherent vice The star wrapped her arm around Rooney in a rare public display of affection. Rooney was dressed up for October in New York, in baggy jeans, a black T-shirt and a dark jacket.

Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix in New York (Christopher Peterson/Splash News)

Joaquin wore an all-black crew: black pants, a black shirt, and a black hoodie. He also wore a half-shaven head that debuted at the New York Film Festival on Tuesday. The top of his head was ringing, while the sides and back were long. It’s unclear if Joaquin’s haircut was for a role, but given that he lost 52 pounds to play Arthur Fleck in jokerIt is not ruled out that Joaquin will change his appearance in a movie.

Ronnie and Joaquin aren’t spotted every day in the wild together. The couple is completely private, especially when it comes to their son, river. The two welcomed their baby boy in 2020 and named him Joaquin’s brother, Phoenix RiverThe support me The star who died in 1993 of an accidental overdose. Joaquin and Ronnie spoke about their son for the first time in an opinion piece on the migrant children crisis for Persons Journal two months after birth. “As new parents, it is unbearable to imagine what it would be like if we took our child away for a day, let alone years. But this is the very situation that these 545 children and their parents are in.

Joaquin Phoenix, left, and Rooney Mara arrive at the 2020 Academy Awards (John Locher/AP/Shutterstock)

Joaquin made a rare comment about his son while talking to him Sunday times In June 2021 (h/t USA TODAY). Joaquin is a committed vegan—he wore a hoodie to Animal Liberation Front to NYFF—but said he wouldn’t force my faith on my child. I don’t think that’s fair. Joaquin said he would “educate[River]about the reality” of the meat and dairy industry and let his son make his own decisions.

“I’m not going to teach him that McDonald’s has a happy meal because there is nothing happy about that meal,” he continued. “And I wouldn’t tell her it’s okay to read books about all the cool little farm animals, and they say ‘oink oink oink’ and ‘moo moo moo’, and don’t tell her what a hamburger is. So I won’t repeat the lie, but I won’t force him to be vegan either. I’ll support him. It’s my plan.

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