Joaquin Phoenix’s intense training to revive Johnny Cash

walk the line, available on Disney+, traces the turbulent life of country rock legend Johnny Cash. Joaquin Phoenix, who fronts this clever, poignant, and particularly engaging bio, offers a fascinating interpretation in Johnny Cash’s skin. A look back at the actor’s transformation for the movie.

walk the line (2005), available in the Disney + platform catalog, is a little gem not to be missed. The film follows the life and fate of country rock singer Johnny Cash, his shattered childhood after the death of his brother, his hysterical parties, mental disorders, drug addiction, and his intense love affair with singer John Carter. On screen in this fascinating and poignant autobiography of this giant of American music, Joaquin Phoenix (as Johnny Cash) gives an impressive performance. The 46-year-old actor – who has changed a lot in his 30-year career and recently showed a significant weight loss due to his role in joker– He wanted to give a performance as close as possible to famous rock and even became a musician for the occasion.

Intensive training

Bringing a music icon to the screen is a big challenge. But Joaquin Phoenix could already have bragged about having personally blessed Johnny Cash and John Carter Cash. In fact, real-life musicians chose Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon (who would win an Academy Award in 2006 for Best Actress) to resurrect them in cinema, before their deaths in 2003 just before the film’s release. “It seemed to me that the music had to be original.”director James Mangold, who did not want any reboots in his film, explained. So it is extensive training imposed on the actors in this resume so that they can interpret all the songs themselves. Joaquin Phoenix learned to play the guitar, took music lessons, took part in recording sessions, moved to Memphis in the footsteps of the star and above all worked on his voice to approach the deep timbre if specific to the singer. In addition to adopting the Johnny Cash look, the actor trained like hell for six months to get amazing results! “My goal is to try to become the character, not just to look like him.”captured the actor, quote from our colleagues from 7 days tv. Full physical, artistic and emotional involvement by Joaquin Phoenix which will earn him a clinic stay at the end of filming. The actor had sunk into alcoholism and found it difficult to separate himself from this very powerful role that would have revived wounds in him: Johnny Cash lost a brother by mistake, just like Joaquin Phoenix who faced the tragic death in 1993 of the consequences of an overdose of River sister.

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