Joaquin Phoenix’s Top Ten Shows

The actor will return Sunday evening on Arte in Walk the Line, Johnny Cash’s autobiography.

Update 03/21/20: For a special Johnny Cash evening scheduled for Sunday night on Arte, we’re reposting this top of Joaquin Phoenix’s best performances. Note that this rating was made prior to the release of Joker. To find out more about his extraordinary performance in the Todd Phillips movie, you can Click on this link.

T-Bone Burnett: “Johnny Cash is a formidable figure in American culture”

Article published on 03/30/2018:

10 / Doc Sportello Inn Inherent vice (Paul Thomas Anderson, 2014)
Labyrinth masterpiece or arty smoke? Even those who stayed at the doorInherent vice He admitted that Joaquin Phoenix found there one of his best roles, renewing the Angeleno’s own shared legends (which Elliot played in front of him superbly). Spread Gould or Jeff “The Dude” Bridges), leaving behind each of his mischievous abnormal reactions a sad, sinister rift. Because under the conspiracy of the mystery police, Inherent vice First he talks about a great heartache. He’s the glue of all Joaquin Phoenix roles, his favorite job: Rejected lover, The Incompetent for a broken heart.


9/ Jimmy Emmett in ready for everything (Gus Van Sant, 1995)
After his years as a child actor under the family name Leaf Phoenix (particularly in Spitting portrait of a typical familyAlso known as fatherhood, by Ron Howard), the actor suddenly grew up and the Joaquin we know from the Gus Van Sant cam, as a white high school student, a little grunge, a little rockabilly, the kind of James Dean of Generation X manipulated by Nicole Kidman is “ready for anything.” . His brother, shooting star River, has just died, Joaquin accepts his fate and ascends the abandoned throne to the rebels for no reason.

8 / Bruno Weiss V migrant (James Gray, 2013)
James Gray’s most beloved film, in which Phoenix delivers an astonishing, elusive, and pathetic combination, as an irresistible pimp, a cold-blooded monster who will end up on Earth, in a bewildering final plan that Darius Khunji puts at the pinnacle of his graphic genius. By the way, for those allergic to Phoenix’s eccentric style, note that this is one of his most sober and measured explanations.

7 / Lucius Hunt in the village (M Night Shyamalan, 2004)
It was 2004, forever, when the crazy visions of M. Night Shyamalan still dominated the world’s imagination and Joaquin Phoenix predicted the fate of a romantic and tormented young man first, whispering his lines in a world shrouded in darkness… It was a long, long time ago Yes, two years after his first critical collaboration with Shy (Signs), but one thing hasn’t changed since then: Joaquin Phoenix really thrives only with a great author behind the camera.

6 / Joaquin Phoenix N I’m still here (Casey Affleck, 2010)
Let us remember that at one time we believed in him. Joaquin Phoenix interrupted his career, let his beard grow and try his luck in hip-hop… For the purposes of this devious movie filmed with his son-in-law Casey Affleck, the stooped actor went so far as to block the promotion of two lovers Live from David Letterman’s sofa, in a kamikaze gesture as Andy Kaufman. The result was never as funny and profound as Phoenix and Affleck had hoped, but no one will deny it. I’m still here It represented a turning point for Phoenix, who then disappeared from the radar for two years, and came back with it Mr.Reinvented, stronger than ever. And since then, all the journalists who met him agreed that he is great at interviews …

5/ John Callahan in Don’t worry, he won’t walk away (Gus Van Sant, 2018)
Phoenix finds Gus Van Sant, after 23 years ready for everythingfor this sympathetic biography cartoonist John Callahan. Objectively speaking, he appears to be the center of the actor’s obsessions (existential cracks, marginalized societies, demolishing alcohol, saving faith), but his acting is different, lighter, laughing, relieves him of the weight with which his critics accuse him, as if he is. He is trying to reinvent himself. Perhaps this is due to the unconscious influence of Robin Williams, who was originally supposed to take on this role. History will tell if this is really the rebirth of the Phoenix.

Metropolitan Film Export

4 / rest in the gladiator (Ridley Scott, 2000)
In the second half of the ’90s, Joaquin Phoenix specialized in nasty supporting roles, the kind that stole the show for a scene or two. 8 mmAnd to retreat…the first period culminating with this irresistible performance of a fickle, paranoid kid the gladiatorto enjoy as a dual program with yards, released the same year (but watched by far fewer people), when he ate the screen with just the same appetite. One of the best villains in American cinema over the past 20 years, and probably the main reason why everyone thought that casting Phoenix as the Joker would be a great idea.

3 / Leonard Radiator Inn two lovers (James Gray, 2008)
We can’t mention all of Phoenix’s collaboration with James Gray on this top, instead Tonight belongs to uswe will choose two lovers, the gray that sums up all Grays, showing his art nude, shedding polar arguments. Dwelling, hawkish, Phoenix dazzling as the wretched, eccentric son of Dostoevsky crosses New York like a cursed man. As a bonus, one of the best club scenes ever, by a filmmaker specializing in the genre:

2 / Johnny Cash In walk the line (James Mangold, 2005)
Hi, I’m Johnny CashIn this biographical clip for the Oscars, Phoenix does not seek to imitate the man in black but prefers to summon his ghost like a shaman. The climax of the first part of her career, before the assassination I’m still here and re-imagined as a modern brando. His lips pursed, exuding a sinister country morgue, a paranoid cocaine look and insane sensuality. And he sings really well though.

1 / Freddy Coyle in Mr. (Paul Thomas Anderson, 2012)
return role. never forget. Paul Thomas Anderson is building a mural in America’s subway in the 1950s, and Phoenix has a great idea to play his part as Incompetent Just as misplaced as Paul Newman or Montgomery Clift did at the time. Yes, that’s how we suffered in the fifties, that’s hownot I played in the fifties. Thin, haunted, his back broken, he crosses the world like a disjointed doll. Some people are angry with this movie. Us, this breaks our hearts.


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