John Travolta, Sylvester Stallone and Moore Honor Bruce Willis amid aphasia

Late last month, daughter Bruce Willis It was revealed that the legendary actor was suffering from aphasia. Since then, many “Die Hard” actors have been honored, including some of john TravoltaAnd Sylvester StalloneAnd M. Night Shyamalan.

John Travolta “became good friends” with Bruce Willis on the set of “Pulp Fiction”

Instagram / johntravolta

There were many memorable lines that came out of Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 “Pulp Fiction,” but two actors emerged from it with a new friendship. Travolta posted some bouncy photos of the pair on Instagram, and showed them together.

“Bruce and I became good friends when we shared two of our biggest songs together, Pulp Fiction and Look Who’s Talking,” Travolta wrote in the caption. Years later he said to me, ‘John, I just want you to know that when something good happens to you, I feel like it’s happening to me. “That’s how generous the soul is. I love you, Bruce.”

John Travolta honors Bruce Willis
Instagram / johntravolta

Many fans showered the post with heart emojis. One fan wrote, “This hurts my soul..just proves once again that life is short. Love those around you and be kind to everyone.”

Another fan called the duo “Legends of the Cinematic Experience” and used the hashtag “#StayBrainHealthy.”

“Sending positive and healthy vibes to Bruce! 🙌🏽🙏🏽,” another commented.

Another fan shared, “First saw him in overtime and was amazed. One of the few actors like you who has suffered. I wish him and his family well.”

Night Shyamalan pays homage to my “big brother” Bruce Willis

Night Shyamalan honors Bruce Willis
Twitter / MNightShyamalan

Shortly after the announcement, director M Knight Shyamalan chirp“All my love and respect to my older brother Bruce Willis. I know his wonderful family surrounds him with support and strength. He will always be that hero on that poster on my wall when I was a kid.”

Shymalan directed Bruce Willis in the 1999 thriller “The Sixth Sense” along with Haley Joel Osment, who also paid tribute to Bruce Willis, calling him the “true legend” on Instagram.

Haley Joel Osment honors Bruce Willis
Instagram / hjosment

“It was hard to find the right words for someone I’ve always been looking for – first on the big screen, then with some great luck, in person,” he began. “He is a true legend who has enriched our entire lives with a unique career that spanned nearly half a century.”

He continued, “I am so grateful for what I witnessed for myself, and for the tremendous body of work he built for us to enjoy for years and years to come.” “I just wanted to express the respect and deep admiration I have for Bruce and his family as they come forward with the courage and high spirits that have always distinguished them.”

Sylvester Stallone praying for Bruce Willis

Sylvester Stallone posted several bouncing pictures of him and Bruce Willis together on Instagram. He wrote in the caption: “We are going away, praying for the best for you and your wonderful family…”

Many fans loved the beautiful tribute. One fan wrote, “I can’t imagine Hollywood without this legend.”

Another fan commented: ‘Great salute, Foxy – thoughts and prayers to Bruce and his family.’

“Great friendships last a long time!!! Another said.

Justin Long remembers attending the movie red carpet premiere with Bruce Willis

Justin Long and Bruce Willis
Instagram / justinlong

The “Acceptable” actor posted a photo of him and Bruce Willis together on Instagram, along with a funny story about the time the two attended the premiere on the red carpet together.

He began, “It has been an honor and a highlight of my career to work with this man, in the kind he helped reinvent and perfect.”

He explained, “This picture is from the time we were shooting Die Hard 4, and after we finished one day he asked me if I wanted to go see the new Rocky movie.” “Yes,” I said excitedly, excited by his desire to hang out outside of work and when I quickly changed hands and got back out of my trailer, in that shirt and hoodie I had been wearing to work, he stared into his classic eyes and exclaimed, “That’s what you’re wearing?”

Actor Bruce Willis looks like he's having a good time with bikini-clad girls while filming a commercial for Faena in Miami Beach

He said a long time ago that he “realised [that Bruce had] He invited me to the luxurious red carpet at the premiere of the new movie “Rocky.”

He continued, “I felt like a slacker, but he accepted both of those facts and seemed to hold neither of them against me – and we had a really fun night.” “At one point he met up with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, while I was standing awkwardly to the side as his briefly neglected date. I only felt momentarily… that he was expendable 🙄😬”

“Anyway, thankful for that night and for my full Die Hard experience,” he concluded. “I wish Bruce and his family love and strength. He was and always will be a #tbt legend.”

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