Joker 2: New information on the sequel to a huge movie

A very successful movie

The movie, which follows the lives of the most famous comic book clowns, was a real hit when it was released. Fans are demanding a sequel, and the same actor.

Spectators want a sequel

Because of its originality and complexity, the film was a real success. The receipt exceeded one billion dollars. The story of Gotham’s craziest clown was gladly received by all fans of the world of DC Comics. Batman’s First Enemy is expected to make a comeback by fans!

While we were filming, we started thinking, uh, he’s such an interesting guy. There are things we can do with this person that we can explore further. But whether we actually do it? I do not know

The directors are excited about the idea of ​​filming a new episode of The Adventures of the Joker, even if nothing has been done yet.

Any discoveries about the sequel?

Originally, the directors considered giving fans a trilogy about the story of the Joker. The project was not ultimately selected, despite the resounding success of DC Comics’ first authoring work.

I first presented the project as a trilogy. Joker was the first movie, with me behind the camera, then there were two more movies with other directors

A big project with a character that we can’t necessarily develop a lot. In addition, risks of disappointment are to be expected.

But I really don’t want to say who these directors are, because then it’s going to be a big thing and I’m going to put them in something I haven’t even told them about. It was just an idea I sent to Warner Bros.

Back for a sequel?

Todd Phillips, director of the first Joker movie, is said to have signed on for a sequel. However, no date has been set and filming has not started yet. Plus, no one really knows what role the movie will take. Several scenarios are possible, and it remains to be seen if Joaquin Phoenix will sign off on this sequel.

I don’t know if there is anything else to do with the Joker. Todd Phillips and I would still like to film if we could… because the possibilities with this character seem endless.

Viewers can’t wait to meet Arthur Vick again, that’s the only thing we can be sure of. In the meantime, other movies will soon be available on the big screen. In fact, DC Comics chose to postpone the movie release schedule after the insane success of the latest Batman.

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