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Did you know that the legendary director saved his life? Has he been a vegetarian since he was 3 years old? Find out 8 unusual things about the hero of the movie “Joker”, aired tonight on TF1.

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A famous director saved his life

in 2006Joaquin Phoenix flips his car in Los Angeles and ends up upside down in the driver’s seat. Confused, he suddenly saw a director’s head pass through the window. He easily recognizes Werner Herzog (Aguirre, Nosferatu, Mandalorian actor) who asks him how he is.

Phoenix replied, though very pale, that everything was fine and began to light a cigarette. Herzog stopped him and told him that gallons of gasoline were leaking from the wrecked car… and that he almost blew himself up! What saved the life of the future translator Joker.

He has his own firefighter license

Joaquin Phoenix often invests a lot in preparing for his roles. On the occasion of Piège de feu, the actor worked for a month in a training school for firefighters and a second month in the Baltimore firefighting team. He became an honorary member and got the same tattoos as the team members: a bee wearing a helmet and a fire axe.

But Phoenix is ​​used to this kind of performance. In The Master, to speak only of one side of the mouth, the actor had metal plates attached to his teeth to keep his jaw clenched. Lost 24 kilos for Joker Or stick to a 300-calorie-a-day diet (compared to 2,150 calories) to play Jesus in Mary Magdalene.

Where do we scar him?

Is the mark above the actor’s upper lip caused by an accident? from surgery? From the cleft lip? Many fans wondered, until Joaquin Phoenix himself revealed that it was actually just a birthmark. In addition, Johnny Cash (played by the actor in the movie Walk the Line) encounters a scar on his lip resulting from the removal of a cyst.

The whole world has been surrounded

On October 27, 2008, Joaquin Phoenix announced that he would stop cinema in order to devote himself to a musical career. In January 2009, we learned that Casey Affleck (the actor’s then-brother-in-law) would go behind the camera for the first time to film Phoenix’s new musical career as a rapper!

For several months, doubt crept into the minds of moviegoers: is all this just a big joke, or is the actor’s transformation proven? In fact, this is one of the intense preparations for an actor who will remain in his character for about a year and a half. This ‘satirical’ movie will result in I’m Still Here.

protects animals

Joaquin Phoenix is ​​an animal lover. Since he saw a fish violently killed at the age of three, he has become a vegetarian. Last October, he explained to raw :

I don’t want to cause pain to someone else who lives with empathy. I don’t want to take their children away from them, nor do I want to force them to be locked up and fattening just for the sake of butchering them. It’s ridiculous and barbaric. (…) It’s my life, it has always been and really is one of the most important things to me.

Furthermore, Phoenix apparently does not wear any clothing of animal origin, participates in many humane operations and supports the PETA (Ethics in the Treatment of Animals) association.

Raised in a sect

Joaquin Bottom was born when his parents were members of the sect of the Sons of God. He grew up there during the late 1970s, in a very “floral power” atmosphere, with a very stingy and anti-consumptionist lifestyle in Venezuela.

His parents left the cult after 1978 after the priest who led the movement, Moise David, fled his country’s justice and radically changed the cult’s doctrine. The lower parents then change the family name to Phoenix, to celebrate their rebirth after the children of God.

His name was Lev

In 1979, at the age of six, Joaquin decided to change his name. Since his brothers (River, Liberty, Rain, Summer) all had names associated with nature, the little boy asked to be called Leaf. Already on stage and as a child actor, Phoenix gave up his pseudonym only in 1991 for Bonnie Paliff’s short Walk the Dog, which first saw the name “Joaquin Phoenix” written on the screen.

He lost his actor brother

On October 31, 1993, his older brother river phoenix He leaves the Snake Room, a nightclub and is then run by Johnny Depp. A mixture of cocaine and morphine penetrates his blood. Joaquin, then 19, was with him that evening and called the emergency room.

The heartbreaking message of help for him is conveyed to the media and broadcast. River will never get up and his little brother Joaquin will, in shock, isolate himself and not return to the cinema until 1995 for Ready for Everything, directed by Gus Van Sant.

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