Jorge Masvidal responds to Leon Edwards’ bid for the future UFC title

It looked as if Jorge Masvidal’s days at the top were numbered after his recent loss to Colby Covington – until Leon Edwards offered a potential olive branch.

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Bilal Mohamed wants to oust UFC champion Kamaru Usman

Jorge Masvidal would find it difficult to deny a world title if Leon Edwards beat Camaro Usman in August, even after three straight defeats.

Masvidal, 37, is one of the most famous UFC stars but has lost his last three fights, including two title attempts against Usman. He’s barely won a Tour since his star-making year in 2019, when he knocked out Darren Till, Ben Screen and Nate Diaz as the top welterweight class.

He was given a short shot at Usman’s belt when Gilbert Burns withdrew from their scheduled 2020 fight and then re-faced the Nigerian with a full camp the following April. He dominated five rounds the first time before being leveled out in the second game.

In another blow, archenemy Covington completely took control of Masvidal in March. Weeks later, there was an alleged altercation between the couple in Miami where he was arrested and is now facing charges.

“Should I say no to fighting for the title? Like, hell no,” Masvidal said when asked about Edwards’ “intangible” offer during an interview with BLOCK ASSET. “I’ll get my ** figure and get ready for this naughty, give everything I have to break his face.

“So there are a lot of tangible things. There are a lot of things that can happen there. I could prepare myself for 10th in the world and all of a sudden, I’m fighting for the world championship.

“So what I’m telling you is I don’t even know what I’m going to do with myself. I can’t be expected like this, you know? I’ll go with the best options all the time.”

Edwards and Masvidal had an infamous backstage junk after UFC London in March 2019 after each beat Gunnar Nelson and Till. During a media session after the fight, Masvidal approached Edwards, who proceeded to punch him, opening a wound on his opponent’s face.

Jorge Masvidal can claim the world title after three consecutive defeats


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And if he defeats Usman in the welterweight belt challenge in August, Edwards promised to give Masvidal a chance to win the title. They were due to fight in December before Masvidal pulled out due to an injury – and the bad blood between them is still fresh as ever.

“When I win the belt, I’m going to give him the championship title,” Edwards said during his recent appearance on The MMA Hour. “This is going to be a great fight in the UK. Bring it back to O2 [Arena]where is she [the altercation] Happened, for the sake of the title. This is the thing to do next, that is the best.

“I will show it to him, if it happens in the UK, for sure. My dream scenario would be to bring him back to London and headline London. So I want to come home and then do that.”

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