Listen to MORBIUS Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from composer Jon Ekstrand, available now

Now available from Madison Gate Records, comes MORBIUS Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – music by Jon Ekstrand from the latest Marvel/Sony superhero movie.

The soundtrack features 23 tracks by Ekstrand, who researched the sounds bats make and got his band to repeat those sounds using instruments throughout the score.

Also given the vampire nature of Marvel’s infamous heroes, the Swedish composer has also taken inspiration from classic horror scores from the likes of John Carpenter, leaning toward the character’s brutal nature rather than creating the expected superhero score.

Directed by Daniel Espinosa, longtime collaborator with Ekstrand, Morbius follows one of the most compelling and conflicting characters in the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters as Academy Award winner Jared Leto turns into the mysterious hero Michael Morbius. A dangerous patient with a rare blood disorder and bent on saving others who suffer the same fate, Dr. Morbius tries a desperate gamble. While at first it appears to be a drastic success, darkness ensues within. Will good overcome evil – or will Morbius succumb to his new, mysterious impulses?

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track list

  1. Dr. Michael Morbius
  2. Cerro de la Muerte
  3. orphanage
  4. treatment is possible
  5. Injection
  6. Michael wakes up
  7. need for blood
  8. Superhuman
  9. Hunt the hospital
  10. research
  11. The main suspect
  12. stair escape
  13. Milo Leaves
  14. through the wall
  15. subway battle
  16. subway trip
  17. Michael needs a lab
  18. Searching for a home
  19. rooftop trip
  20. night chase
  21. wild birds
  22. The rise of Morbius
  23. Morbius trip

Jon Ekstrand is a Swedish author and film artist based in Stockholm. He began his career under acclaimed sound designer Owe Svensson, honing his skills in understanding the power of sound and its dramatic significance in helping the story realize its potential. In 1998, while attending Stockholm Film School, Ekstrand met director Daniel Espinosa, with whom the two formed a close creative relationship that continues to this day.

Ekstrand and Espinosa have collaborated on seven films, including the “Easy Money” trilogy as well as Hollywood Studio Films “Child 44”, “Life” and the Marvel movie “Morbius”. John is also recording the 2022 biographical film Hilma from famed director Lacey Hallström, about the life of venerated abstract artist and spiritual pioneer Hilma af Klint.

John has had a rich film career, having worked across the entire spectrum of the sound team – from boom player and sound recorder to sound designer and today as a reputable music composer. Ekstrand is addicted to the synthesizer, and generally begins by building his pitch around the electro-acoustic elements. His genre scores range from the most artful surroundings to epic dramas, where he has recorded with full orchestras at both Air Studios in London and Columbia Studios and Sony Studios in Los Angeles. To date, Ekstrand has scored more than 30 films and TV series, was nominated for three Swedish Gullbaggage Awards, and in January 2020 was awarded the Danish Film Institute Robert Award, for his 2019 score for the film Queen of Hearts.

Ekstrand is passionate and actively involved in expanding diversity within the film industry and is part of the composer mentorship program arranged through the Swedish Attainment Association STIM.

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