Man ‘lives in hell’ with roof leaking months after it collapsed

Jerry Daly, who suffers from permanent conditions after suffering a stroke, says his roof is leaking just months after it collapsed in October 2021 — and now accuses landlords of failing to fix the problems.

Jerry Daly, 57, has aphasia, a condition that makes it difficult to speak as a result of a stroke

A man “lives in hell” with a constant leak from his roof just months after it collapsed.

Jerry Daly’s roof collapsed after it was leaked in October 2021 and landlord Koro has now been accused of failing to properly fix problems in his Bristol apartment.

The 57-year-old also suffers from aphasia, a condition that makes it difficult to speak as a result of a stroke.

His sister said, “It’s been 27 years for him. My heart aches for him, he’s living in hell.”

The housing association apologized and said the latest problem had nothing to do with the previous collapse – the cause of the leak was identified as a faucet in an upstairs kitchen.

But Sally says she feels their actions weren’t good enough.

Last year, the roof leaked nine times in a six-month period, according to Jerry, and this is the first time it’s happened again since Curo fixed it, Bristol Live reports.

Sally says Jerry also had to deal with neighbors who made a lot of noise, which Kuro has been told on multiple occasions.

Sally said her brother had been left heartbroken by the restoration work (Stocked Photo)


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A letter a support worker to Jerry at a mental health charity wrote to Curo in October stated that there was “continuous” noise between 7am and 1am each day from an upstairs apartment, causing him “daily distress”.

Sally says her proposal for soundproofing the ceiling has not been accepted by Curo, although the Housing Association has told Bristol Live that this is under consideration.

She says the noise made him rely on medications because of his bad mood, while he spends most of his time outdoors.

Sally said, “You get such horrible feelings when you have to go back and face it, I just don’t understand why they can’t do[anything]. I’m so worried he’s having a stroke, it must be like that. Horrible for him because he doesn’t have a voice, and neither He can speak for himself. I just wish they’d do something for him, his life is hell.”

After its roof collapsed in October, it was left unmounted for 18 days according to Jerry, at which time it was exposed to what appeared to be mold on the roof.

Koro said at the time that he couldn’t fix the roof right away because it had to be allowed to dry.

A spokesperson for Curo said of the recent concerns: “We are sorry for the ordeal this has caused for Mr. Daly. We visited Mr. Daly’s home as an emergency call and found that the water source was a tap left in the upstairs kitchen.

“This was an unfortunate accident and was not related to a previous leak that we have already fixed. Mr. Daly’s house is a ground floor apartment in a converted Victorian building and this makes soundproofing technically difficult.

“We are working with a sound insulation specialist to look at ways we can reduce noise from upstairs. We want to do everything we can to reduce noise nuisance and are exploring all sound insulation options, as well as talking to Mr. Daly’s neighbors.”

“We want Mr. Daly to enjoy living in his home – our social rents for life and we are doing everything we can to help residents stay in their homes for as long as they want to.”

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