MastersFX Creature Shop Signs Deal with Arcana Entertainment to Produce Arcana-inspired Movies (Exclusive)

MastersFX Creature and Arcana, publisher of the graphic novel and graphic novel as well as animation and live-action studio, have signed a new multi-image deal to create and produce feature films based on Arcana’s extensive library of characters and intellectual property, the companies announced Monday. .

Currently, Arcana and MastersFX are in development in “American Wasteland,” the second of the planned joint venture films, based on the Arcana graphic property of the novel, the two companies revealed to TheWrap via email.

American Wasteland tells the story of truck driver Cletus McCoy as he tries to save his mother from a vampire disaster. “Cletus will have to make his way through a nascent nation of bloodthirsty monsters bent on making him dinner. Guns, bravery, and a boy named Sumpich are our hero’s only hope,” reads the description of the Arcana’s plot.

Cover image for “American Wasteland” / Mastersfx and Arcana Entertainment

The Canadian company’s first project resulting from the deal, “Corrective Actions,” will premiere at Tupi on April 29. The film, which stars Bruce Willis as “The Loop,” is set in St Tiburon, a maximum-security prison that houses “the world’s most ‘traitorous superpowers’ criminals,” according to a statement. The movie — one of the last films Willis directed before his decision was announced. Retiring from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia – directed and produced by Arcana founder Sean Patrick O’Reilly (“Howard Lovecraft, “Kingdom of Madness”) and co-stars Michael Rucker (“The Walking Dead”, “Guardians of the Galaxy”). Corrective Actions is Arcana’s first feature film.

“To realize our shared vision of producing effective genre-themed entertainment, Arcana and MastersFX have entered into a new multi-image alliance, through which we will produce live-gen content,” Todd Masters, Emmy Award-winning “President and Mastermind” for MastersFX, said in a statement. Jointly Sean and I share a collective way of thinking and action, which has been admirably successful in corrective actions. Through our experience with many different production teams over the course of our years, we have refined shortcuts to things that often take weeks in other production runs. It displayed more budget on screen.”

“Todd and his team are very experienced with genre and really help us stick to our ‘farm to fork’ philosophy by keeping live-streamed content within reasonable budgets,” O’Reilly said in the statement. From Todd Masters and his team at MastersFX for our expansion in live-action production.”

(L) Brad Proctor as Corrective Action “Flu” (R) Sean Patrick O’Reilly / Mastersfx & Arcana Entertainment

MastersFX has been producing FX for hands-on and digital makeup, prosthetics, and animation since 1987 for TV shows including “The Handmaid’s Tale”, “The Good Doctor”, “This Is Us”, “The Umbrella Academy” and many others. A sample of the company’s films include several films “Sonic the Hedgehog”, “Star Trek: First Contact”, “The Horse Whisperer” and “Snakes on a Plane”.

Arcana, based in Burnaby, British Columbia, was founded in 2014 when O’Reilly first wrote and published the “Caddy” comic book series with artists Eduardo Garcia as illustrator and Diamond Comics as distributor. In 2006, Arcana acquired, where it built one of the largest sites for comics, graphic novels, and characters, and in 2012 opened an animation division for all platforms.

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