Matt Reeves reveals the origin story of the Joker

Matt Reeves, Director Batmanabout the origins of the Joker, who is a relative of Joaquin Phoenix in Joker by Todd Phillips.

depression warning

Yes Batman In an effort to mask the obvious writing issues under dark blush with the goal of elevating it above the block of one-size-fits-all superhero movies, the feature’s ending hasn’t escaped the cult following with Embarrassing fake scene after credits where Paul Dano’s Sphinx makes new joker laugh Tent Barry Keoghan (who has also had a foothold in Marvel since then eternity).

Besides sparking interest in a sequel, this forced sequence was also an opportunity to relaunch the film’s marketing and promotional campaign by airing a five-minute deleted scene including the Clown Prince of Crime. And if the fact of seeing Robert Pattinson in The Dark Knight costume – while Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton’s clothes are not yet back Sparkle It may seem premature, seeing another version of Nemesis approaching an overdose, especially when Seems to amplify an origin story Joker for the year 2019.

In a recent interview with varietyDirector Matt Reeves has revealed the origins of his movie Joker, which is reminiscent of Todd Phillips’ version that made the character’s characteristic laughter a pathological disorder:

“He’s like the phantom of the opera. He has a congenital condition that prevents him from smiling, and it’s horrific. His face is half hidden for most of the movie. It’s not about a version where a bowl of chemicals falls and his face is disfigured or what Christopher Nolan did keeping a secret of how he got his scars. He had this disease from birth and cursed? Ugly and terrifying. Even as a child, people looked at him in horror and said, “Well, this is all just a joke. It was his nihilistic view of the world.”

Or how to tease the new Joker and his class and Batman 2 at the same time

As for whether Joker will return to Bat-Verse, the director played on guesswork and the maybe, while also mentioning the Arkham Asylum series in development on HBO Max: “There might be some opportunities. There are things that I’m very interested in doing in the Arkham environment, probably for HBO Max. There are things that we’ve talked about. So it’s very possible. It’s also not impossible that there’s a story where the Joker comes into our world.”

At the moment, no information has been revealed regarding the Joe Barton series (HumansAnd the ritual) on Asylum, except that it’s meant to be terrifying and should logically remind us of two evils. Bat-Verse will also be expanded with a prequel series about Colin Farrell’s Penguin.


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