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In this month’s edition of American Made 4H, I’ll share information about two of my fellow 4-Hers, Gabriella Tharan and Seth Slogenhaupt.

Gabriella Tharan is the younger brother of three children, and the daughter of Lauren and Kevin Tharan. She is 6 years old in kindergarten at Keystone Elementary. She is a member of the 4H Cloverbud Program and her 4-H projects are: Pigs, Rabbits, Horse and Crafts.

The Cloverbud program is specifically intended for children aged 5-7 years. One of her favorite projects is pigs. What Gabby is most looking forward to this year on the show is Gameland.

Her favorite subject in school is math class. One of the many things she is good at is feeding her animals. One of her goals she wants to work on this year is riding her horse. Her favorite memory in school is math class. Her family recently had a group of kittens, so she enjoys playing with and carrying them. If she could go anywhere on vacation it would be the beach. One of the things she loves most about herself is her love for animals. Her favorite part of going to the fair is playing games in Gameland and looking at the horses and animals. When she’s looking for a friend to play with, she’s looking for the personality trait of being cute.

Seth is the middle child of three children – Drew, Seth and Juliana, and the son of Jane and Andy Slogenhaupt. He is 14 years old in the eighth grade at Keystone High School. His 4-H project is raising rabbits, and what he looks forward to most in the show is showmanship. The art of showing up is when you show a judgment on 4H the correct way to handle your rabbit and the facts about his breed and parts.

One of Seth’s other goals is to get better in football and basketball. In football, he wants to improve his dribbling, ball handling and defense skills. Seth has played football since he was four years old and last year made the executive decision to join the Clarion River Valley Strikers football team to help him prepare for high school football.

His favorite subject in school is Spanish, and the thing he worked on the hardest this year was math. He wants to work on weightlifting to get more fit in football, basketball and in general

There is a moment in Seth’s life that he is particularly proud of is making the “Belling Bell” at Redbank Basketball. Seth once felt like giving up but it didn’t happen when he was learning some piano songs.

Some of Seth’s favorite memories of school are basketball and soccer. One thing Seth has learned over the past year is never to leave food in his home unattended because of his puppy. Seth commented, “He’s like a shark!”

One of Seth’s favorite ways to spend his spare time is by playing video games. If he could go anywhere on vacation, he’d love to go to Hawaii. The thing Seth loves most about himself is how well he can play the piano.

What Seth loves most about 4-H is spending time with friends. Seth’s favorite part of going to the Venango County Fair is seeing other people’s projects and animals. When Seth looks for a friend, one of the character traits he looks for is how mature she is.

Spring really came into play at American Made 4H and many other 4H clubs, too. Members purchased their animals for the exhibition. There are young animals in many homes from lambs, pigs, and goats to rabbits. It’s a great time to be a member of 4H!

Our club really dives in and starts their 4H projects for this year’s Venango County Fair, which will be taking place August 6-13. This month, American Made will hold a pasta dinner on May 15, along with a donation of canned food that will be given to the Knox Caring Cupboard, and a Chinese auction. It will take place at Knox United Methodist Church from 4-7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased in advance from a club member.

Peyton McGivin is a reporter for 4-H American Made Club. She is the daughter of Bob and Ginger McGivin of Lamartine. Its column will appear here periodically.


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