Million Dollar ‘Memory’ Fades As Northman And Nic Cage

There was only one major new release this weekend, The Calm Before the Summer Storm and another example of a theater industry hungry for consistent theatrical content. Offered to open the way memoryactor Liam Neeson, co-stars with Jay Pearce in what’s essentially two-handed, courtesy of Casino Royale/zorro mask Director Martin Campbell. Granted, I’m a Campbell fan back in no escapebut I still say this was Neeson’s best actor (cold pursuit It’s more of a black comedy) ever since the passenger In early 2018. The movie, which is about a professional killer with Alzheimer’s trying to get revenge on a child trafficking gang, opened with just $1.1 million on Friday, paving the way for a meager $3.2 million debut.

This is Open Road and Briarcliff, Liam Neeson’s fourth Covid-era action movie, followed by honest thief ($14.1 million from $4.1 million for the first time), archer ($15.5 million from $3.5 million debut weekend MLK) and black light ($9.6 million / $3.5 million). memory Better than these, but black light It’s worse than Neeson did. I’d like to tell you that this one, which has better production values, a greater sense of scale and action/drama clips for Mr. Campbell (in a plot that seems like a skewed mixture of the alien And edge of darkness), from superlatives, but a) it doesn’t get good reviews and b) audiences have plenty of other theatrical options, which wasn’t the case at least in late 2020 and early 2021.

In pending news, DreamWorks Animation’s the wicked It topped the box office again on its second Friday, grossing $3.74 million. This is a 54% drop from opening day, setting the stage for a $14.4 million (-40%) weekend and a total of $42.76 million for ten days. The $80 million price tag will cross $100 million worldwide this weekend. I expect that to continue because the next six weeks will not be completely drowned out by child-friendly films. That’s why too Sonic the Hedgehog 2 It will continue, with $2.5 million (-58%) on the fourth Friday versus $9.7 million (-38%) on the weekend. This would give Paramount a $110 million sequel, $159 million, more than any video game movie even adjusted for inflation. Tomb rider ($131 million in 2001/212 million adjusted). It has also crossed $300 million worldwide.

Warner Bros. may have rocked it at CinemaCon with raucous excitement Sparkle And Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom Combined with deep diving in Elvis (which looked amazing) and do not worry my love (which sounds interesting), but that’s all the more reason to leave it Fantastic beasts Going out with some dignity. Dumbledore’s secrets He earned $2.1 million (-47%) on Friday, compared to $7.5 million (-46%) on the weekend and $79 million in total in 17 days. It should exceed $300 million worldwide today. Northman He earned $1.8 million (-64%) on Friday versus $6 million (-50%) on the weekend and $22.5 million for ten days. Yes, it’s a star-free, R-rated original, but it also cost Focus and Regency $70 million. The people who were interested showed up last weekend.

Lionsgate The unbearable weight of talent He earned only $1.09 million (-62%) on Friday versus $3.52 million (-51%) on the weekend and $13.1 million in total for ten days. That’s a disappointing run for comedian Nicolas Cage (as Nicolas Cage) at $30 million, but, like NorthmanThose who wanted to watch it theatrically did so last weekend. In better news, Paramount the lost City He earned $1.6 million (-19%) on Friday versus $3.5 million (-19%) on the weekend and $90.3 million in 38 days. Barring huge losses in theaters, I think Paramount will pull this Sandra Bullock/Channing Tatum movie over the $100 million mark before the end. Based on the religion of Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson Father StuCourtesy of Sony, You’ll earn $1.97 million (-41%) in the three-weekend versus $17.3 million for the comy.

Meanwhile, Jared Leto Morbius (Also from Sony) will earn $1.38 million (-40%) for $71.4 million in 31 days. That’s a miserable run total for even $75 million for a comic book superhero flick, and we can expect it Morbius It is one privilege and done. Michael Bay Ambulance It arrived on PVOD yesterday where we hope it will make up for a soft theatrical release. A $40 million player will earn $1.08 million (-40%) in the fourth weekend for $21 million over 24 days. finally, Batman For which WB announced a sequel this weekend in Vegas, it will earn $660,000 (-55%) in Weekend Nine for $369 million. I’m not sure that HBO Max’s “early” availability hurt the late-stage box office performance of this movie, but it certainly didn’t help.


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