Morbius: 9 Funniest Letterboxd Reviews

Daniel Espinosa’s latest release Morbius (2022) It made a huge impression on moviegoers when it was shown in theaters on April 1, 2022. With modest box office success and stinging critical reviews, Morbius It became a mockery among movie fans and ordinary audiences alike.

The film’s current overall rating on Letterboxd, with an average rating of approximately 65,000, holds a 2.0 on a 5.0 scale. The best thing about the Letterboxd community are the hysterical reviews left by dissatisfied audience members.

sarcastic expectation

Jared Leto in Morbius

One sarcastic comment from user Letterboxd OfficialCarson rated the movie 5/5 and offers a long-running descriptive story about his constant anticipation for the movie: “Since I was a little kid I’ve dreamed of Marvel Legend, Michael Morbius, making his debut on the big screen. I walked into the kitchen screaming” My Father! My Father! Have they announced a movie about Dr. Michael Morbius yet?”

Today display

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Some Marvel fans have mocked the great indifference that was mostly towards the content itself, arguing that no one cares about Morbius. Although arguably some of the most popular cinematic superheroes were created from obscure comic heroes, the reviews are hilarious.

Midas reverse touch

Morbius Jared Leto

Letterboxd Mistat currently has nearly 14,000 likes in their harsh review of the film, and lead actor Jared Leto likened King Midas, “except that everything he touches turns into sh**.”

Many people have been vocal about their dislike of the movie as well as their hatred of Jared Leto, a prolific actor with dozens of movies under his belt. Criticize many sarcastic reviews Morbius to give Jared Leto the title role, arguing that poor acting was one of the worst aspects of the film.

Morbius as a form of torture

Morbius shows his powers

Letterboxd user mfwspew mocked the trailer for Morbiushe writes, “When I die everything will turn black and Lucifer will force me to watch the Morbius trailer repeat forever as punishment for my many sins.”

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Several audience members took an exaggerated approach to their reviews, expressing their dissatisfaction with the film in a heavily humorous way. Some reviews, like the above, have ridiculed the stability of the trailer and how it seemed to chase or almost follow them, especially considering how many trailers were shown due to the film’s delays.

Morbius is like your roommate in college

Morbius teaser trailer showing Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man reference.

This Letterboxd feature by sllver epitomized the film in a satirical way, “Morbius is the movie equivalent of your college roommate who is at the same time so high and drunk that he is perpetually confused.” He then goes on to mock how confusing the movie was, trying to visualize what the concept was like Morbius Installed in the first place.

One of the biggest criticisms of Marvel fans has been the film’s inconsistency. Although it’s not an MCU movie because it’s a Sony property, the movie attempts to incorporate aspects of the MCU into the movie, particularly in the final credits that left many viewers confused.

Documentary by Jared Leto

Morbius Jared Leto explained the end

This cute silly review, written by user dakotajoaquin, simply says: “Someone really did a documentary on Jared Leto and said ‘We’ll call him Morbius.’ It’s a rather silly review but funny nonetheless.

Comments like this take the opportunity to make hilarious cracks in Jared Leto, who played Morbius. The film, which is largely seen as absurd and meaningless in itself, many reviewers once again applauded with equally bizarre reviews.

first date idea

The end of Morbius explained

Letterboxd user lautengcokj, who rated the movie 1.5/5, took to Letterboxd to suggest a plan for a date: “First date idea: take her to see Morbius and tell her it’s empty because you rented the theater.”

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Although the film did decent numbers at the box office, many found their local theaters almost completely empty and many Morbius Reviews make fun of the non-existent crowds and the apparent lack of excitement towards the film.

April Fools joke

The end of Morbius explained

Letterboxd user alor was one of many reviewers who pointed out the ridiculous release date, saying, “Sony just pulled off the best April Fools’ joke ever.”

With the movie, already lacking in excitement, may not have been released judiciously on April 1, many Letterboxd reviewers were quick to joke that the movie itself was released over the holiday as an April Fools’ joke. Some who were surprised by the poor quality questioned whether their disappointment with the film had been fabricated by the studio as a ploy on April 1st.

very hungry hero

Jared Leto in Morbius

This hilariously sarcastic user review expresses their delight with a movie that finally revolved around a topic they’ve been longing to see on the big screen: “Finally, a superhero that boils down to being hungry. Only yearns for 100 minutes. With great strength comes big blows in the belly.”

This user wasn’t the only one pointing out the largely monotonous plot of bloodthirsty Morbius. The audience was very disappointed with the film’s lack of originality, after all, vampires trying to retain a human sense while craving human blood is a prevalent trope in classic vampire films, and many were disappointed because Morbius It can’t even make these timeless traits fun, flattening the nuances of it.

Snickers ad 104 minutes

Jared Leto as Morbius in Mobius

This hilarious comment by user adspitt who rated the movie as half star wrote: “Literally the movie version of the Snickers ad ‘You’re Not Hungry™'”.

Anyone who has seen the movie will immediately understand where this reference is coming from. Most of the movie follows Dr. Morbius as he tries to stave off his hunger for human blood after he has become, essentially, a vampire. Some of the funny moments in the movie depict Morbius writhing or behaving in an animalistic manner due to his thirst for blood. The dramatic scenes were so theatrical at times that they definitely stemmed from a Snickers commercial.

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