Morbius Actor Explains How His Marvel Role Was ‘Slaughtered’

While Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It may be just days away, there was another big Marvel movie released just last month that’s still on many’s minds, although perhaps not for better reasons. The project in question is none other than Jared Leto MorbiusNeedless to say, it was not well received by critics or fans.

The film has a poor rating from Rotten Tomatoes, and is also ranked near the bottom of the list when it comes to Marvel’s CinemaScores. Sony’s big Vampire doesn’t look like it’ll ever be the second poison The franchise the studio desperately wanted as it sought to bring the episodic world of Spider-Man off the ground.


Now, a star of Morbius You may talk about the project. He claimed it wasn’t as bad as one might think to his reputation, but he also revealed how studios butchered his role — including leaving a large action scene on the chopping room floor.

The floor of the messy cutting room in Morbius


In an interview with, Morbius representative Al Madrigal — who played Agent Rodriguez alongside law enforcement official Tyrese Gibson — spoke about the controversial project.

Madrigal admitted it She had problems… [but it was] Not as bad as everyone thinks. And keep joking how “[his role] slaughter” Thanks to the many modifications made to the final clip:


“First of all, Morbius: Not as bad as everyone portrays it. Sure, she had issues, and they split it up a bit. I had some fun lines cut out of that movie. I was pretty funny.” [Laughs]. In London, when you’re filming, they do a party exactly halfway in the middle of the movie and there’s a big blast. The editors came to me. A group of them came up and said, “Oh my God, we see everything you’re doing. All the hidden stuff. All the jokes. I should improvise through that freely. If only they’d left 50% of my stuff.” [Laughs]. You slayed at this thing. I think that’s what they did. They’re really… because of COVID, they’ve had a lot of time to fiddle with it. They really messed with it.”

In the trailer, an action scene between Gibson and Madrigal can be seen in a jungle – through which she was never shown in the film’s final trailer. The actor admitted to having “Quite a few” The moments that didn’t make the final cut and how “The grand final fight scene [originally] Happen or occur[ed] During the day:”

“Yeah, quite a few. I saw a complete alternate ending to this whole thing. They made a good point. That scene I saw pictures of was filmed during the day, and the rationale was, ‘We have a vampire movie.'” The last big fight scene couldn’t happen during the day. At one point, Therese and I fought Matt Smith. I filmed for six days and none of that showed up.”

Madrigal went on to say how “[he] Was hoping to be [the] Agent Coulson From Sony’s Spider-Man world, but that’s it “[doesn’t] I know if this would happen:

“Thanks, man. When I walked out to London, they were like, ‘Congratulations, you’re the glue that holds everything together.'” We’ll see. I was hoping to be Agent Coulson, appearing in every part of this Sony Marvel Universe. I don’t know if that would happen, if it happened, if it didn’t, it wouldn’t. to the next thing and then to a chapter.”

Could Morbius have been better off?

In the end, there were more problems with Morbius From the mere absence of the Al Madrigal character. Though, no doubt, dividing the studio into project segments certainly didn’t help with anything.


Look no further than a nonsensical post-credits scene to know that the movie could be doomed for so long. The creatives don’t even seem to understand any of the rules laid out in Spider-Man: There is no room for home.

We hope Sony Pictures can capture their cinematic world and do better in the future. After all, they still have an upcoming list of several projects: Craven the fishermanAnd Madame WebAnd mirtoAnd 3 . poison.

For better or worse, Madrigal’s agent Rodriguez will have plenty of opportunities to appear below the line. according to poison Reviewer in the Jared Leto movie, maybe he’ll get his chance to interact with Tom Hardy’s alien symbiote for the third installment.


Morbius It is currently playing in theaters all over the world.


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