Morbius and 9 Other Lowest-Rated Marvel Movies, According to Rotten Tomatoes

The joke was Morbius When it opened to grim reviews on April Fools’ Day. Critics have panned the film, which is currently one of the lowest-rated Marvel films on Rotten Tomatoes.

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While it is the latest, Morbius It is far from Marvel’s only disappointment. Prior to the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many early efforts suffered from low budgets. Over the years, there have also been misleading interpretations of the comics and many failed attempts to launch the franchises. Where did these movies go wrong, and how did it happen Morbius Rank compared to other spoiled Marvel movies?

10 Blade: Trinity (2004) – 25%

Trinity Blade Vertical Poster

The code The films were never successful with critics, but the audience enjoyed them until the third edition. Unfortunately, Trinity He went out of camp and added a lot of new characters – including Ryan Reynolds in the role he landed dead list.

The cast works occasionally, but Wesley Snipes has been known to not play well with the others on the set. Trinity. The singer’s demeanor to Snipes and his rivalry with director David Goyer resulted in a tense and unproductive production. The actor called in his performance, ruining his career and putting a stake in the trilogy.

9 The Punisher (1990) – 24%

Dolph Lundgren in The Punisher

the first the punisher The film struggled when out of the gate. Trailers promised they’d have a theatrical release, and they did, pretty much everywhere but the United States. Due to financial difficulties, the new world was sold out the punisher to Live Entertainment, which released it directly to the video.

The film ran loosely with source material, and the audience was unimpressed. Not like Frank Castle, Dolph Lungren wears his iconic skull shirt. The exploitation scene prioritized a huge number of corpses over character development resulting in a heartless crossfire in numbers.

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8 Dark Phoenix (2019) – 22%

Sophie Turner as Jean Gray in Dark Phoenix

First grade Launched an exciting new era for X-Men. play back X-Men A franchise with smaller versions of the characters and a new timeline (contains some plot holes). Unfortunately, it ended in the same way as the previous one with a failed adaptation of “The Dark Phoenix Saga”.

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Post-production was an uphill battle of reshoots and delays. The film spread to theaters and was hardly a hit, bringing in $252 million from its $200 million investment. Although delayed in post-production for over a year, the film felt rushed and chilled. This superhero flick with numbers has confused audiences and killed all prospects for a sequel.

7 Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance (2011) – 18%

Nick Cage as Johnny Storm, movie posters for Ghost Rider and Spirit of Vengeance

With spirit of revengeNicolas Cage sought to take the character in a darker direction. Sony hired screenwriter David S. Gower who worked on code And The Dark Knight triple. However, the script he wrote would have been rated R, and the studio insisted it was PG-13.

finished Ghost Rider has I aged quite poorly and the sequel was much more attractive than the first. Its half-baked effects and superlative performance were ridiculed by critics. Cage called on her to quit, refusing to go back for the planned sequel. The franchise ended, and the rights returned to Marvel Studios soon after.

6 Man-Thing (2005) – 17%

Man Thing (1)

to say man thing Sunk at the box office would be nice. The movie earned just $1.1 million from its $30 million budget.

man thing It was supposed to be filmed in New Orleans but moved to Australia for budget reasons. Admittedly, producer Avi Arad did not monitor production. man thing It ended up being an R-rated creature feature with few connections to comics. After audiences withdrew from the test shows, the film sat on the shelf for two years. Then it was dumped into Sci-Fi and eventually home video.

5 Morbius (2022) – 16%

Jared Leto as Morbius in Morbius

Sony continues to try to make the world of spider-man villains happen no matter how many times Tomatometer tells them it never will. The studio released the first trailer for Morbius Back in 2020. The pandemic and reshoots delayed the film several times. By the time he finally reached theaters, the audience had moved on.

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Morbius It opened to largely negative reviews, with critics calling the vampire blood movie uninspiring and lifeless. Many condemned the outdated influences and choppy editing. Despite this, star Jared Leto has expressed interest in reprising the role.

4 Howard The Duck (1986) – 14%

Howard the duck

Howard the duck It’s like an ’80s family movie where an alien recruits a new human friend to help them get home. Unfortunately, the movie was too scary and sinister for kids. Nor was it like the satirical comics. Howard was a rude comic, and his stories were existential.

While Howard has always had a cult fan base, co-writer and producer Gloria Katz didn’t know what to do with him. The film reduced Howard to a bizarre science fiction movie that prioritized special effects over storytelling.

3 Captain America (1990) – 13%

Captain America 1990

captain America It was the hot potato game that ended up burning fans. Production began in the early 1980s. The film bounced back from Universal Studios to Canon before falling into the hands of Albert Bion at the Twenty-first Century Film Corporation. Pyun took his freedom with the source material, specifically with Red Skull.

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The film was supposed to come out in 1990 to mark Cap’s fifteenth anniversary. The studio pushed the release several times before releasing it straight to video in 1992. Based on the film’s overwhelming negative reception, they had to leave it on ice.

2 Electra (2005) – 11%

Electra Jennifer Garner Daredevil

Jennifer Garner debuted as Elektra in 2003 with box office success reckless. Garner did not want to reprise the role but was under contract with Fox. It wasn’t long before she returned to her TV series Nick name. Director Rob Bowman had little time to develop what he envisioned as a character-driven action movie.

electra Tank at the box office. The movie took itself too seriously and failed to deliver the thrill. Critics blamed her for destroying Garner’s career and female superhero films for the next decade.

1 Fantastic Four (2015) – 9%

Nobody is involved in The Fantastic Four The movie can agree on the tone. 20th Century Fox and co-writer Jeremy Slater didn’t agree with Josh Trank’s dark vision for the film. The film was a box office bomb that lost over $80 million. It also won Razzie Awards for Worst Director and Worst Picture.

The dull tone of the picture wasn’t great. It meshes poorly with cartoonish effects and campy dialogue. Previous The Fantastic Four The movies may not be certified recent, but at least they were fun.

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