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While the Marvel movies are largely produced and distributed by Disney, Sony has been able, through high-stakes negotiations, to retain its license to all characters associated with Spider-Man. Having burned several Class A villains in the Spider-Man stat, Sony needed to research the lesser known creatures the web-thrower encountered. This leads us to MorbiusDirected by Daniel Espinosa and written by Matt Sasama and Buck Sharples.

Michael Morbius (portrayed naturally by Jared Leto) suffers from a serious medical condition. His blood clots in thick molasses, which paralyzes his limbs and stops his ability to breathe. When we met young Michael in a specialist clinic in Greece, he was attached to a machine that filtered and bled three times a day. This is how he and his successive roommates survive. He named each of his roommates after Milo, including his newest companion, Lucien (Matt Smith).

Michael and Lucien/Mello develop a deep and enduring bond. They are sharply intellectual, snappy cynics, and clearly see their own demise mid-distance. It’s Lucian/Milo who finances his family’s fortune and advances Michael’s career, allowing the man to rise to become the leading expert on bloodborne diseases. However, he still had to successfully treat his illness.

“…Michael Morbius The human version of the vampire bat…”

An expedition to Costa Rica leads to a potential treatment that involves linking genetic material from a vampire bat to the DNA of an infected person. Thus, we realize the status of his comic book: Michael Morbius is the human version of a vampire bat and must feed on blood. By feeding on human blood, it gains bat-like powers such as echolocation, being remarkably powerful, and the ability to fly. To offer any other plot of land spoils Morbius. Needless to say, Michael Morbius won’t be the only “living vampire” in this movie.

The acting is great in all areas. From Adria Arjona as Dr. Ballantine to Jared Harris Dr. Nicholas to Tyrese Gibson who plays FBI Agent Stroud, we have an excellent cast backing this flick. Leto portrays Michael Morbius in the most honest and authentic way, supporting my hypothesis regarding beautiful people. The closer we get to the number 10 on the scale of physical beauty, the darker the nature in which they hide their essence.

from fight club to Requiem for a dreamfrom panic room to Gucci HouseLeto has sought to portray that deep darkness he has in his heart. With Morbius, this darkness gives superior and accurate performance. This is the role of the force acting from Leto, and it must be seen to be believed.

Daniel Espinosa and his crew brilliantly introduce the ruthless and sweet Manhattan of Michael Morbius to haunt her. Morbius It is a fantastic monster movie, backed by the brotherly love experienced by Michael and Lucian/Mello. While not many enjoyed it, I found it to be great. Find it if you especially like dark superhero movies.

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