New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 18 Review: No Ifs, Ands, Or Buts

Give Freema Agyeman all the prizes.

It was never a secret that Agyeman is one of the strongest performers in the series. Mixed feelings about Helen’s latest hurdle aside, Agyeman pulled her out of the park in New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 18.

In many ways, the watch felt the essence of New Amsterdam, even if it brought the return of that miserable woman that none of us had missed.

Helen went through such a difficult time with aphasia. It must have been hard to see that the others affected by the waiter’s concoction coped well with his effects and easily went on with their lives.

But the incident left Helen fighting for her words, her voice, her dignity, and more.

Helen’s frustration was palpable, as was the pain and fear. Sadly, all of this together pushed her Max away, and it was definitely a humane response that could be relied upon.

Max is such an optimistic person that it can hurt sometimes. It must be hard for someone who doesn’t know what’s in store for them when you have someone who is a strong optimist like Max.

Max Supports Helen - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 18

It does not always give way to other emotions – fear and sadness. It’s still all new to Helen, and she’s addressing something important that happened to her and that could affect her for the rest of her life.

You took a more realistic approach to preparing for the possibility of never recovering or being on top of your game again.

Helen: I’m broken.
Max: No, you didn’t break.
Helen: You see perfection.

Helen was also embarrassed, ashamed, and frustrated. The aphasia left her feeling insecure and inadequate, and made her question everything, including her relationship and future with Max.

It’s an experience hell to put this pairing on when they just got engaged. It puts “for better and for worse, in sickness and health” to the test, and, of course, the Sharpwin goes with flying colors.

New ways to communicate - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 18

It’s nice to see that when Helen is feeling at her worst, Max is there to encourage her, uplift her, and most importantly, remind her how much he loves her and how that love doesn’t come with limiting restrictions or conditions.

Max’s love for Helen is endless.

He doesn’t want her to be “perfect” or as close to her as you think she should be; He just needs it in any way – in every way.

Everything was so much better when Helen opened up about herself completely to depend on Max and trust that this man truly loves her unconditionally and will be with her through it all, not if that’s the case, or but actually.

Their last scene was one of their most beautiful and heart-warming to date.

Attentive Max was Helen’s biggest fan, and helped her with her talk. He has turned it into an attractive and exciting game for them. With his patience, positivity and encouragement, Helen made progress that she never allowed herself to make during therapy sessions.

Max’s moments with Helen were all about it, and there’s just something cute and fun about that. But he made some progress on Veronica’s front.

At first, it felt as if we were back in the same old pattern that Max seemed to be an idiot in his attempts to take down this woman and get the upper hand.

Therapist Chats -Tall - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 18

It was crazy when he told her his intentions. It didn’t make sense that he hadn’t figured out that it was best to move in silence. However, just when exposing her to patients seemed futile and his board vote was premature, we get that last scene between Max and Karen.

Karen is back in the fold making things interesting, and her relationship with Max develops into an entertaining one where she adores and exasperates.

Max: I want to be here. I want to be here to support you.
Helen: You don’t sport. You do not see … What do you see?

Fortunately, it was part of their mysterious plan for Veronica to buy the urgent care facility. It’s hard to say what their long-term plan is, but at least the resistance is strong, and she might finally defeat Veronica by the end of the season.

Sadly, Lily and Lauren’s relationship can also be defeated. I still don’t even know what to do with this development in their relationship. As a unit, it’s annoying that Lauren and Lily came up with this.

Transactions -tall - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 18

We brought Lily slipping a brown paper bag to Lauren as if it was a sandwich or paying for something outrageous. It’s hard to see how they can get around this whole transactional aspect of their relationship, which has to do with how imbalanced they are in general.

She didn’t serve Layla as a character, and over time, it’s like they’re reducing Layla and this relationship to a stepping stone in character development for Lauren.

In that sense, it remains frustrating for a myriad of reasons.

But as for Lauren, yes, she did go for a short ride during this episode. She revealed that her vices and other things that kept her balance weren’t substantial.

Finding Her Happiness -Tall - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 18

It felt like a nod to how much she gushed about Lila and that relationship and how she used that to stabilize her, which goes for her as an addict and someone with ADHD.

We’ve said all season that Lily has been Lauren’s latest crutch and addiction, which isn’t necessarily a negative thing but something that can have consequences if it goes too far.

Lauren also realized that if something that made her happy was hurting her, it might require letting her go. She’s got that from her time with Kyle, her patient, but it seems to be a nod to Lily and their relationship.

And that’s where it’s frustrating because Layla has been so reduced. After all they went through and some chaotic actions between them, he was specially designed to form Lauren’s growth.

New Plan in Motion -tall - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 18

On the clock, Lauren is back to attack Mia and talk about her method of medicine. She clearly directed her anger at someone, and Mia was an easy victim.

But she admitted it, and once she did, Lauren was able to participate in Mia’s form of healing and therapy. Lauren’s cupping session seems to bring her some peace if the smile on her face is any indication.

Lauren: Something I love hurts me, I’m not really sure how to let it go.
Mia: How can I help?

And there was also chemistry between her and Mia that made you wonder if they could be a thing as well. One moment there is strong energy from Mia and Floyd, and the second, Mia and Lauren. Hell, that would still have been a better relationship with Polly than Floyd, Lynn, Claude.

While we’re on the subject of Floyd, his quest to perform Oren’s surgery without pay has been inspiring. You can’t blame the man for refusing to meet Floyd again after he got a bill of thousands of dollars after his insurance paid for some expenses.

His Tall Dad's Car - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 18

Floyd’s relationship with Oren and his willingness to make things right were endearing. It is a relief that he got the help he needed to help.

The whole thing that got Floyd to think of his dad was a nice personal moment for him, although there are conflicting feelings when it comes to him giving up his baby so that Lynn and Claude can move in to be happy.

Iggy’s time with Juliet and Isaac helped him come to some realizations about his personal life.

Juliet remains one of the best Iggy patients ever. Every time we see her again, you can see her growth and progress.

Juliette - Tall - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 5

It was surprising to learn that she experienced her first love with a puppy, but it did not come without complications.

Juliet wasn’t used to the feelings she was going through, but there was a sobering logic in how she approached things. Juliet kissed the other boys to see if she felt the same way she did with Isaac, which made sense, since she was unfamiliar with the sensations she was going through.

JULIET: If you hurt someone you love even in the back, can you bring them back?
Eiji: Only if you really try.

And is there anything more “normal” than her breaking up with him and sabotaging her relationship, hurting Isaac before he did the same to her?

Hell, there are very young adults without personality disorders who do the exact same thing all the time. Juliette has always been absorbing and compelling emotions, and Emma Hong is a wonderful young actress who is a pleasure to watch every time she hosts stars.

Disappointment - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 17

Ironically, Iggy saw himself in a prepubescent psychotic girl, and there’s something absurdly funny about that.

Isn’t he just another person with poor self-esteem that leads him to ruin good things before he gets hurt? His entire relationship with Martin consists of that.

We’ve been begging anyone who listens to Iggy to go to therapy and, in the end, make the healthiest decision to do so.

He showed some accountability and awareness of the end of the hour when he realized that he and Martin did not need couples’ counseling.

Sadness for his friend series - New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 14

Their marriage and Martin – not a problem. Iggy is the crux of their issues and has been for ages. Until he can work on himself, they will always have issues.

Let it stick, for heaven’s sake!

Here’s to you, “Dam fanatics. What do you think about Lyren’s relationship? What are your theories about Max’s plan to eliminate Veronica? The audio is out below!”

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