New photos by Joaquin Phoenix at Disappointment Blvd.

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Ari Aster’s movie with Joker has been going through internal struggles throughout its entirety. Why doesn’t A24 agree with the director behind Midsommar?

Joaquin Phoenix conflicts with his upcoming movie.© GettyJoaquin Phoenix conflicts with his upcoming movie.

a race Joaquin Phoenix It was always full of more than interesting projects. But when the actor played jokerHis life took an important turn. Since then, he has become one of the most popular interpreters of the past decade and has received dozens of offers to return to the big screen. One of them was Disappointment Street.A movie that can be shown like never before.

Bringing life to a historical Batman villain, Phoenix wins the Academy Award for Best Actor. His physical change while playing Arthur Fleck was remarkable, although he was no exception. For his new project, he underwent a preparatory process that left him almost unknown. And while the photos on the set have been circulating for a long time, new leaked photos were released this week that left viewers wanting more.

There are plenty of reasons to add Disappointment Street. to our anticipated movie list. Joaquin Phoenix will not only star in the role, but will also be produced by A 24. That’s not all! Because the director behind the movie is none other than Ari AsterAlso responsible for horrible framework successes like hereditary he is midsummer. In addition to directing, this time he will also play the role of screenwriter and producer.

But, despite the fact that everything seems perfect, it is here that one of the biggest struggles of the feature film of the new genre appears. Alongside the new photos of the Oscar-winning actor on set, his versatility as an artist has not only been discussed on social media, but also Duration What will this movie be? Once the shooting is over, Disappointment Street. It is already in post-production and the final expansion will be 3 h 30.

Although Ari Aster maintains that this is the perfect time to develop the plot, the truth is that the A24 will not agree. According to some producer and distributor information Looking to develop a much shorter version for theatrical release and broadcast later. When will that time be? Les retards dus à la pandémie de coronavirus, combinés à ce conflit interne dans son équipe, s’éloignent de plus en plus de la première du dernier projet de Joaquin Phoenix, qui promet de raconter la vie de l’un pro des entrepreneurs les plus for all times.

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