Next MCU incursion may include Sony’s Spider-Man universe

For some time now, the multiverse has been a major focus of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanks for offers like what if…? and movies like Spider-Man: There is no room for homeThe audience got to know the different realities and parallel dimensions within the MCU. But Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Taking things a step further and displaying horrific negatives, mainly through multiverse invasions. However, in a cosmic collision of two realities, and one certain to be in motion, what universe can Earth-616 contend with in order to survive?

For the multiverse incursion to have tangible stakes, the competing universe that Earth-616 will collide with must be fully realized or at least explored enough for audiences to develop an attachment to its characters. But doing so may take longer, and while it would be the technically logical path to take, it may not be the best in time. However, the only universe that could benefit from this incursion is the Sony Spider-Man Universe.

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Over the years, Sony has shown its hand in terms of creating a world centered around many of the Spide-Man characters. From the adventure in Spider-Verse to the confrontation with Venom, there have been many films that have been hooked by fans. But to build the universe, Morbius Show that Sony is making big plans for its characters, including the beginnings of Sinister Six. Furthermore, Madame Webb’s assertion may also raise the case for a person who can peer through the multiverse and unveil the many universes and possibilities that exist outside their own. But this still does not explain how the growing universe could cause the invasion of Earth 616.

Well, at the end Morbius, Adrian Toomes, aka Vulture, is inexplicably transported to another world with a grudge against Spider-Man and a desire to wreak havoc. But, as Reed Richards said The multiverse of madness, the greater the impact in that universe, the greater the possibility of penetration. As a result, his actions, along with Doctor Strange There is no place for home And Multiverse of madness It could put his world on a collision course with the main MCU Earth.

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But while the two universes facing each other could be fantastic on paper, the additional problem of Sony’s being still young can create narrative problems, as there is no interest in seeing its survival. However, if the Battleworld is created, there is a chance that the heroes and villains of both worlds will compete for survival, with characters on both sides changing loyalties in what could be the biggest war that no one has ever known.

There are literally many possibilities about what the incursion could mean for the MCU and how it could affect the planning of these films in the future. However, it also opens doors to the possibilities that because anything can happen, the tiniest moments from previous films can have a bigger impact. As a result, Toomes’ presence in the Sony world, along with the appearances of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in no way home, It could just be enough fuel for a fire that could cause two worlds to collide violently.

Watch the start of the next big incursion, Doctor Strange into the multiverse of madness It is currently showing in theaters.

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