“Notaries are the impartial guarantors of compliance and security.”

12:01 PM, May 21, 2022

The binder is a concrete world, very rooted in reality. Why lean on the metaverse, this virtual universe?
Because we can not ignore such a phenomenon! We should rather talk about the “multiverse”, because there are many metaverses, just like a world made up of countries with different systems, structures, and habits. But the common denominator we all have is that we are all human. I consider it transferable to virtual universes. There will be different metaverses, some focused on entertainment, others for example on the virtual experience of Second Life. In my opinion, three main issues prevail for proper functioning: first, the regulation of centralization of powers through “compliance,” in other words what consists in setting ground rules, the state of mind that governs compliance. Then, regulation comes from within, from all players, from players to states via legal experts, such as notaries. Finally, the interaction between the real world and the virtual world. Today, we are still on a layer model, a copy. But let’s imagine that a childless couple in the real world has one in the metaverse. If they separate, what about the nursery, knowing that the virtual world continues despite these risks? It is these human interactions that interest me, that transcend heritage. This is the question asked in movies One ready player And Hawhen Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with a female voice created from scratch by artificial intelligence.

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How will future notaries be able to contribute to the organization of this new universe?
We are major players in real-world security, so we can be stakeholders in the virtual world, even if the metaverse is a horizontal force, so without state interference. Our experience will come in handy: if you sell a property in the metaverse, just like in real life, the buyer wants legal certainty. Therefore it will be necessary to organize and invite specialists to legally guarantee these transactions. Notaries will be the neutral guarantors of compliance and security, perhaps not for all gauges, but at least for those who aspire to calm, secure transactions and relationships. And because we have invested this land, we will be able to be a source for proposals and be solicited by metaversians. You have to position yourself as an expert in this new world.

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Do you believe in metaphysics?
yes ! I think it’s great. Younger generations are growing up behind screens. Take the example of Instagram and its filters, which make us prettier than in the real world. When I can live this to the full, I will! I am willing to accept a rather dull life in the real world as long as the virtual world brings me what I want and what I dream of. And covering the cake: If I don’t love myself anymore, if I have too many restrictions… I can start from scratch with a new avatar!

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