Overwatch 2 adds fun soundtracks that play when heroes defeat themselves

Monitor 2 Not only is it adding new maps and additional heroes like Sojourn, but Blizzard is also making some small additions to the game. Along with their new looks Monitor 2 Champion, additional streaks have been added for each character – and some players have recently found some great streaks that play under certain conditions.

It looks like Monitor 2 It does its best to add unique sounding lines that only fire in very specific situations, which is exciting for those who play a lot and make some rare kills. For example, a new Sombra audio line was found during the beta that plays when the hacker eliminates Pharah. In order to be triggered, Pharah needs to hack and fall off the map to her death, with Sombra making fun of her screaming and making noises that sound like a crash. Now, some unique vocal fonts have been found.

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While those who play Monitor 2 Beta will occasionally hear lines when their heroes kill enemies, and they also have a chance to activate some special lines when they kill clones of themselves during a match. Reddit user maxkhor95 shared a video featuring several of these special lines, using the training scope to spawn into a sparring partner and transform into a matching champ in the spawn. For players who often find themselves fighting someone who uses their hero, these lines should be a great addition.

The Doomfist line sees him awkwardly saying “I’m the strongest version of myself”, while Roadhog says “Bring me” when another Roadhog is eliminated. Zarya and Junkrat both get vocal lines like these, as does Hanzo, who says “I’ve always expected myself to beat myself up.” Mai ends the clip with the funniest line of the group, saying “I hope you’re not mad at me” after taking a copy of herself. Unsurprisingly, many Redditors appreciate these lines and are happy that Blizzard added them to the game.

Although there are issues with Monitor 2 Beta, since players feel that the support heroes need changes and some believe the game is too similar to the original, fans have highly praised such additions. Not only is it great to see some new knowledge and possibilities Monitor 2 Hero teasers, but it’s great to hear the characters introduce some new lines and more interactions with each other. While the transition between two versions of the same hero was certainly unexpected, the lines highlighted in the Reddit post are very interesting.

Like The beta continues and the player base of the hero shooter grows, and more and more unforgettable sound lines can be found. This includes dialogue like this, so players should listen closely after killing the enemy team’s version of their chosen hero.

Monitor 2 Currently under development.

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