Overwatch 2 Bastion Guide: (Tips, Build & Counters)

Overwatch 2 players can use the damage-dealing abilities of bot hero Bastion, such as transforming into a tank, but the Mobility Heroes are his counter.

at Monitor 2Players can choose Bastion as a fully revamped playable hero from the original Note and watch. The most significant change from Bastion is his all-new ultimate ability. In addition, this character is no longer able to self-heal, which was an ability in the previous game. Visually, the Bastion is a large robot with a pistol rather than a right arm. In addition, he can transform into a huge steel tank as one of his abilities. Because Bastion is a hero in Monitor 2will not heal passively like support characters.

Instead of passive healing, Bastion’s passive ability gives him a permanent increase in speed. His other abilities include the A-36 Tactical Bomb, which allows him to fire a bomb that can bounce off walls and will explode to deal significant damage when it hits enemies or the ground. In addition, Bastion has a reconfiguration, which allows him to switch between weapon configurations between Assault and Recon. Recon is the default setting, and will allow the character to move around the map while shooting with his light weapon. If players switch to Assault, Bastion will appear in a tank firing a fast-fire machine gun around the map in Monitor 2. While Assault is noticeably slower than Recon, it can do a lot of damage, especially if opponents are nearby. Bastion’s final ultimate ability is composition: artillery, which gives him the ability to stay steady and fire three powerful cannonballs at opponents.

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Without the ability to self-repair, players will need to be more careful about their position on the map to reduce their target. In addition, players should only switch to Assault mode using Reconfigure when they are sure it can deal significant damage, or else Bastion may present an easy target with his bot skin. The use of higher ground can be especially beneficial for Bastion, as they can fire artillery shells from above.

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Overwatch - Bastion

Bastion pairs well with the heroes in Monitor 2 This heals the abilities of a single target, such as Anna, Mercy and Zenata. In addition, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma and Zarya are well equipped to target opponents, which pair well with powerful Bastion attacks. During team combat, players can take advantage of Bastion’s Assault mode with Reconfigure and surround it with as it deals massive damage to the opponent. Players should do their best to avoid being cornered with Bastion, as this is his most vulnerable position.

Especially when fighting in a stronghold, Cassidy can be a good anti-robot. She has a magnetic grenade that can deal huge damage to him, especially in assault mode. Furthermore, Cassidy has the defense to resist Recon mode attacks. Likewise, the Pharaoh and the Reaper are able to withstand Bastion’s attacks while also having the ability to navigate to sneak up on him and deal damage before leaving quickly. Another confrontation for Bastion in Monitor 2 He is Symmetra, who has a guard tower that is hard to avoid. Finally, Mai has the ability to slow down her opposition, which can quickly put Bastion in a dangerous position, especially if he is backed into a corner.

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