Overwatch 2 Beta: How to Play (and Win) in Pay Mode

Push Mode is the new PvP mode in Overwatch 2 where each team of five players needs to use the TS-1 robot to push their barrier the farthest.

New type of game Monitor 2 Beta is a push mode, a mode in which two teams of five compete for control of a TS-1 robot that is used to propel a barrier toward the opposing team’s spawn point. Players will need to coordinate with their teammates to maintain control of TS-1 and push their barrier as far as possible. There are a few different circumstances that can qualify a team to win in Pay Mode, but it is possible to go into overtime at the end of a match.

. beta test Monitor 2 It began on April 26, 2022, and is currently scheduled to end on May 17, 2022. Beta testing is only available on PC, so console players will need to wait for the full release. There is no official release date for the entire game at the moment, but it is expected to be released later this year. Until then, players with access to the beta can test out the new push mode and start figuring out the best strategies to win.

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In push mode, players need to use the TS-1 bot to push their barrier to the opposing team’s spawn location. The robot will only push the barrier when there is no objection to the control, like this Monitor 2 Beta champions will need to constantly eliminate all members of the other team to maintain control. If none of the hurdles reach the spawning site by the end of the eight-minute match, the team that controls TS-1 and has the farthest hurdle wins. If one team is further away but the other team controls the bot, the match goes into overtime until one team meets both criteria.

How to maintain or control TS-1 and win Overwatch 2 Beta’s push mode

Overwatch 2 Beta How to play and win in pay-to-control mode

TS-1 will only move when players are nearby, and it will move faster if the whole team is around. Every time TS-1 pushes the barrier into a checkpoint, the team will get a spawn closer, so it’s important to maintain this progression. The best way in Monitor 2 The beta to move the barrier and reach the checkpoints is to have all players work to get the other team out quickly, then dash to corner TS-1. This will help propel the bot forward instead of constantly getting caught up in contentious battles where no one ends up in control.

Alternatively, if players are trying to get the bot back after the opposing team has taken control, it’s best to split them up and go around them. Since the bot will need to return to the other team’s barrier, having at least one player near the bot at all times will halt its progression. Additionally, players will only need to defeat team members who are close to TS-1, so pulling a few of them away from the bot will help the rest of the team control it.

Although it is beneficial to have as many players as possible near the bot, it can also do this Monitor 2 Weak beta characters. TS-1 should only be surrounded by the full team if the players know for sure that the opposing team has been eliminated. This will give players some time, depending on how far the other team spawn, to quickly move the TS-1 forward. Once the other team starts to emerge, the players must split up and work to get them out again. It’s important to keep in mind that at least one player needs to stay with TS-1 to maintain control. New payment mode in Monitor 2 Beta is a fun and challenging game type that can be won with the right strategy.

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Monitor 2 The trial version will be available until May 17th on PC. The full game will be released at a later date for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

5v5 change from Overwatch 2 doesn't work

5v5 change from Overwatch 2 doesn’t work

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