Overwatch 2 Beta: Pay Mode Explained

Overwatch 2’s closed beta is now underway, and if you’re currently playing, you’ve likely played Push, which is the new mode for Overwatch. We’ll explain more about Push, as well as some tips and tricks to help you win!

Whether you’re a returning Overwatch player or a newcomer who finds the hero shooter attractive, welcome to Overwatch 2!

While Overwatch 2 shares many similarities with its predecessor, there are a few changes to get used to.

Many heroes have been completely changed or reworked, switch from 6v6 to 5v5, and the new mode, tap.

We’ll help you understand the new push mode even more, as well as some tips and tricks on defeating the enemy team!

Overwatch 2 New Pay Mode

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How to Play Push in Overwatch 2 Beta – Strategies to Win

While Push feels like a different mode than the ones actually in Overwatch 2, it plays very similar to what you’d expect.

What is Push in Overwatch 2 Beta?

Push is a new mode that features a robot that can’t decide which team will work. Each team has to get close to the robot to push one of the obstacles.

Every team has a pushing barrier, and the higher your team’s barrier, the closer you are to winning. However, if the enemy team gets the bot, the more information you get, the more the bot needs to turn back.

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It is similar to Payload, except that any team can pay the “goal”. It’s a great position because it requires a balance between attack and defense.

We’ll be covering some tips to help you win Push in Overwatch 2’s Beta matches!

Push – Overwatch 2 Beta Tips & Tricks

Here are some helpful tips, tricks, and strategies to help you propel this bot to victory in Overwatch 2:

  • Like any other Overwatch mode, you’ll need to play as a team to win. Having the right combination of dealing with the enemy team is absolutely essential to win.
  • If your robot is in thrust, the enemy team is surrounding it and the enemies are about to eliminate your team, try to stick as close to the robot as possible. Encountering enemies will keep the robot closer to your barrier.
Overwatch 2 mode tips and tricks

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  • If the enemy team succeeds in pushing their barrier, the closer they are to winning, the more they will have to fall back if you take the bot. When they try to get the robot back to their barrier, keep fighting as much as you can to stop their advance.
  • Use the septum as a cover. It’s fairly large, blocking bullets, and you can use it to survive if your team dies.
  • When defending the robot, parted. You will be able to better communicate with your team when surrounded by enemies. Having every player on the bot is bad news if the enemy team has an advantage.
  • Be careful of your spawn. Every time your bot hits a new checkpoint, your team will get a chance to spawn closer. Keep this checkpoint to maintain advantage.

Of course, you will probably be better off as a team if you know each other or can communicate easily. Playing with strangers can be fun, but one person can take down the team.

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However, Overwatch 2’s closed beta is currently restricting players to casual matches anyway. The most important thing is to use this time to learn new maps, how to play reworked heroes, and simply have fun.

Overwatch 2 When does the closed beta end?

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If you haven’t been invited to the Overwatch 2 Closed Beta, you still have a chance! The Overwatch 2 Beta invites will drop as the Overwatch League opens this weekend.

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If you’re having issues with Overwatch 2 Beta not on Battle.net, there’s a new solution for you to try!

Finally, take a look at some hero guides from Overwatch 2 to learn for yourself:

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