Overwatch 2 is making big changes to Roadhog and Zenyatta

After years of waiting, fans of the popular Blizzard game series now have the chance to shoot the hero Monitor 2. The Monitor 2 PvP beta is closed in full swing, giving invitees the chance to try out the new 5v5 setup and see the various hero re-actions on offer. The Monitor 2 The beta lets Blizzard know what works and what doesn’t so that it can apply changes accordingly. Some of these changes are made while the beta is running.

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Blizzard recently released a new update for Monitor 2 PvP closed beta. The update made a number of tweaks to the shooter hero based on fan feedback and issues that emerged, but the most significant changes were made to Tank hero Roadhog and Support hero Zenyatta. In the case of Roadhog, Blizzard noted that Roadhog wasn’t running up to his usual standards, and so he’s experiencing a change in his sheer ability.

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Blizzard noticed that Roadhog was dying a lot Monitor 2 When using his Whole Hog Ultimate ability, so the update makes a huge difference to how Ultimate works. Blizzard has changed Whole Hog from Channeled Ultimate, which means it shoots continuously after players activate it, to Transform Ultimate. What this means is that Roadhog’s Whole Hog weapon only shoots if players want to, and they are also free to use Roadhog’s other abilities while Ult is active. Furthermore, the amazing Roadhog will not cancel Ult. Needless to say, this should make Roadhog significantly more powerful, as he will now be able to continue using his Ultimate while he recovers and the like. Click here for full Monitor 2 Beta update patch notes.

As for Zenyatta, fans of the Support Champion will notice that he now has a new passive ability called Snap Kick. The essence of Snap Kick is that it allows Zenyatta to kick enemy players away from him. Since Zenyatta is more effective as a long-range hero and extremely vulnerable when enemies get close, the theory is that this will help him survive longer in battles. Falling from six Tank Heroes to five means Zenyatta is unable to hide as effectively as he once did, and so a change like this seems to be a step in the right direction.

Of course, it’s always possible for Blizzard to make more changes to Zenyatta, Roadhog, and various other heroes in the game. Monitor 2 roster as it learns from the people interacting with the new 5v5 setup. Enthusiasts, nerfs, and other complete revisions may be in stock for Monitor 2 heroes, and fans can count the evolution of the game dramatically between now and its finally release.

Monitor 2 Under development.

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