Overwatch 2 keybindings and controls

Here is the complete list of key bindings and controls in Overwatch 2.

The Overwatch 2 PvP Beta gave us our first chance to jump in and see what’s new in the sequel to Blizzard’s first-person shooter. Although the game is still far from release, it allowed us to get acquainted with different aspects of the game, including the controls. If you’re hopping into Overwatch 2 and need to get a feel for things, let’s take a look at all the game controls and key bindings.

Overwatch 2 keybindings and controls

Control 2 Connect switches and controls

Here are the links for the keys and controls for Overwatch 2. This is according to the game listings as of the initial PvP Beta and subject to change in the full version.

a job button
a movement
Transfer W, A, S, D
Bend over left CTRL
jump Void
Weapons and Abilities
capacity 1 left shift
capacity 2 H
3 . capacity s
react F
primary fire Left button
secondary fire Right click
Weapon Equip 1 1
Weapon Equip 2 2
quick melee Fifth
Reloading s
next weapon mouse wheel above
former weapon mouse wheel down
contact list c
need healing / buffs X
Final Mode z
ping middle mouse button
spray list s
spray (top) T
Hide chat CTRL + SHFT + C
open chat Enters
Reply to Whisper Backspace
Mute the microphone M
capture highlight F9
Dedicated gaming lounge The
Hero info F1
Define the hero h
score board Tab
social list a
Take a screenshot screen printing
UI switch ALT + Z

Here are the controls for Overwatch 2 on a console. These apply to console as well as PC if you decide to play with a console.

a job button
a movement
Transfer left analog stick
Bend over B
jump a
Weapons and Abilities
capacity 1 pound
capacity 2 RB
3 . capacity s
react Left stick button
primary fire RT
secondary fire LT
quick melee right analog stick
Reloading X
next weapon D-Pad Right Button
contact list D-Pad button down
ping Left D-Pad button
spray list D-Pad button up
score board select button

These are the links for the switches and controls for Overwatch 2. Since this information is beta compatible, it is subject to change, and we’ll make sure to update it as necessary. For more information on Overwatch 2, Shacknews is your place.

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