Overwatch apparently leaks experimental changes to Brigitte

It looks like the next round of Overwatch’s beta balance changes has leaked, but only for Armored Support Champion Bridget.

Note and watch It may not receive frequent updates anymore, as Blizzard has shifted the majority of its development resources to Monitor 2However, the team is still doing its best to update the metadata. This includes a mix of experimental game modes where guests rest Note and watchBalance in new and exciting ways. These time-limited game modes come and go, but have become increasingly expected lately. While details of the next beta mode haven’t been announced yet, a leak linked to Brigitte offers a hint of what’s to come.

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The leak comes from Twitter user HolyShiftKid, who shared Brigitte’s piece of upcoming patch notes while blurring all the changes. As any online resident likely knows, a little bit of obfuscation is only seen as a challenge. Reddit user depressedtbh posted a list of Brigitte’s changes on Reddit, which they believe they translated from the blurry post on Twitter. The leaked changes may not be entirely reliable, but it’s still a glimpse of what’s to come.

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Brigitte changes to what could be Note and watchThe next demo game mode starts with a major nerf. Her Inspire’s healing range has been reduced from 20m to 5m for full strength. Every meter away from that ally, they will get less healing per second. After that, the repair package changes are not entirely straightforward. What appears to be the waiting time for the repair package has been reduced from 6 to 4 seconds, and performing another non-obvious action will reduce the active idle period faster.

The last two changes, for Brigitte Barrier Shield and Raleigh, are largely incomprehensible. Using the Barrier Shield seems to have an additional effect, although it could be anything. It appears that the effect of the Rally’s Charge, which makes allies move faster, will be reduced by a small amount.

Experimental modes are all about enjoying balance in unique ways. These leaked changes appear to focus on two areas. First, Blizzard appears to be diminishing some of Brigitte’s biggest strengths in her healing and mustering abilities. Second, the beta changes seem to significantly boost their repair packages. Instead of passive healing, Brigitte will focus more on active temporary healing.

It is not entirely clear when these changes will be published. The last demo card arrived in late November and was very well received, so Blizzard probably wants the next mode to get even bigger. If the changes reach people online already, they will likely arrive sooner rather than later. At the very least, it should be distracting Note and watch players even more Monitor 2 The news is shared.

Note and watch Now available on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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Source: Reddit

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