Overwatch images show the differences between OW1 and OW2 maps

Activision Blizzard prepares for release Monitor 2 Sometime in the future, as a result, the hero shooter recently received a beta version of the PvP mode. Since then, players have been comparing the sequel to the original. One Monitor 2 A fan pointed out some key differences between the original version Note and watch Maps and their new versions included in Monitor 2.

Reddit user WhatDoesACowSay shared photos Note and watch And Monitor 2 Maps side by side a few days ago, and since then, several members of the community have debated the necessity of the upcoming sequel. Each map is represented by three to four images of the main locations they are located on Note and watch And Monitor 2 versions for comparison. Although there are other notable changes between the original maps and maps Monitor 2 Counterparts, the main difference from one game to another WhatDoesACowSay pointed out is the lighting.

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WhatDoesACowSay focuses on nine maps in their Reddit post, each focusing on a file Note and watch The map has been migrated to the sequel that does not have a release date. The images show differences in Eichenwalde, Lijiang Tower, Dorado, Route 66, Watchpoint Gibraltar, King’s Row, Ilios and Oasis, while Monitor 2 Player has included Colosseo to compare with others. although Note and watch The maps show the recent design decisions that Activision Blizzard has made for 5v5 battles, and it’s the lighting of these revamped maps that grabbed most people’s attention. Note and watch fans.

The time of day appears to have been altered in the majority of the map comparisons shown by WhatDoesACowSay, with Watchpoint Gibraltar being the notable outsider. Eichenwalde looks like sunset instead of midday Monitor 2the sun rises in Lijiang Tower where dusk was before, Dorado and Kings Roo are revived by light in Monitor 2 when you are in Note and watch They were nocturnal maps. In contrast, Route 66 has been switched to night mode, the Ilios being brighter and the Oasis darker.

Although some Note and watch Fans have speculated that Monitor 2 It’s a small upgrade to the original based on images shared by WhatDoesACowSay, Activision Blizzard can still fine-tune things before the game is officially released. Because Activision Blizzard’s PvP Beta for Monitor 2 Still, players continue to report their experiences with the game, which may include issues with the map changes highlighted in the Reddit post. It is not currently clear when Activision Blizzard intends to release it Monitor 2but may receive a PvE beta prior to release since the original title was mostly devoid of PvE content.

Monitor 2 Currently under development.

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Source: Reddit

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