Overwatch League “Battle For Texas” Adds More Interactive Events


Beasley Esports revealed more activities for Note and watch League “Battle for Texas” between Dallas Fuel and Houston Outlaws. We previously mentioned that this will be the first event since BlizzCon 2019 where fans who attend will be able to experience a beta of Monitor 2 With other players in the arena. A few more activities have now been added to the roster, starting with Beasley Esports’ partnership with Arrive Logistics for a special week-long social media competition where 20 participants will be invited to be among the first to play Monitor 2 Beta before anyone else.

These winners will gain entry before VIPs and General Pass holders and experience them with high-end computers and peripherals. All you have to do to get in is to visit the Houston Outlaws website TwitterInstagram, Facebook or fill out a signup form for a chance to win. Here are more details and some notes from the organizers about the other activities planned.

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Fans are encouraged to stay in after the event for a Battle After Dark party sponsored by Karviva’s vegan and antioxidant wellness drinks, which will also host its brand ambassador, Bellator Champion and avid Note and watch Fan Raufeon Stots who will meet fans, sign autographs, and more. Kariva will provide samples of ACE (Antioxidants + Collagen +electrolytes) sports drinks for the masses.

In addition, he will attend the Upper Deck for a show Note and watch League Game Moments trading cards, which highlight key games throughout the season. Attendees can get a free trading pass by visiting the Upper Deck booth and signing up for a free UpperDeckEpack.com account. Upper Deck e-Pack is a digital platform where fans can buy, unlock, collect and trade collectibles, including trading cards from Note and watch The inaugural season of the league and Note and watch League Series 1 and 2 groups. Attendees will also have the opportunity to receive a free limited edition postcard featuring the Houston Outlaws 2022 team featuring digital signatures and the Battle for Texas 2022 logo. Stop by the upstairs booth for more details. Battle for Texas tickets are on sale now Outlaws.gg/tickets starting at $39.99.

Arrive Logistics will be on site during Battle for Texas to enhance the overall experience for attendees with raffles, games, and more, all while demonstrating the success of players who have worked on the Arrive team. Upon arrival, players can take advantage of the latest technology while applying their unique skills to roles in various departments within the organization. In fact, employees have come together to create an inclusive gaming community built around problem solving and teamwork where they work together and play together.

The Overwatch League will have an Overwatch 2 demo during the Battle for Texas
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

“We are really fortunate to have partners who understand the allure of something Note and watch It really is,” he said Laurie Burgess, COO of Beasley Esports that owns the Houston Outlaws. “Instead of putting together the previously expected cookie cutter for an event like this in esports, we have worked hard with our partners to make this celebration the game we all love. And what better way to celebrate than to make sure we get as much as we can try. Monitor 2? “

“The Battle for Texas is an important event for the gaming community, including our players here at Arrive Logistics. This event provides a unique opportunity to interact with the community, whose skill set has proven very successful within our organization,” she said. Ji An Teo, Chief Strategy Officer, Arrive Logistics. “From culture to thriving in a high-energy environment, there are many parallels between working at Arrive and gaming. We’re excited to be at the event, especially as Arrive expands its Texas office in 2022.”

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