Review: Vundabar – Devil for Fire

Devil for fire

Gawk Records
Street: 04.09.2019
Vundabar = Surf Curse x The Cure

They feature a modern, muted, high-pitched sound tinged with the indie rock that made the Boston-based trio their fame, Devil for fire It is Fondabar’s fifth full-length album and the fourth to be released on their independent record label. If – like me – you had the album gawk Time and time again since its introduction in 2015, this latest show will delight and surprise you. If you’ve recently become new to Vundabar via their seven-year-old track “Alien Blues” that circulated on TikTok, this new album may be confusing (more on this later).

Recently, the album either the light (2020) predicted Vundabar’s new focus on softer chamber-type vocals rather than the quiet/loud dynamic found in the rest of their music. Now fully immersed in this new sound, the soft-melody and guitar-based songwriting by Vundabar remains the same. Devil for fire—As does their talent for writing songs that listeners dare to sing along with the singer Brandon HagenHard octave ballet.

It’s impossible for the album’s first track, “Aphasia,” to have been featured in the old classic Donnie Darkobut it will fit between them oath of joy And Echo and Bunnymen If given the opportunity. The band grapples with all kinds of terrifying themes across all nine tracks of the album, only emphasized by Hagen’s sparse guitar playing in songs like “Ringing Bell.” “The head becomes the hand the knife becomes the mind / The psychological suit Hazmat sweeps the sides / I want to be born again but how many times do I have to die?” A terrifying journey through Dante’s Fifth Circle of Hell.

Five of the tracks on Devil for fire It was released as an EP in 2020, and the rest of the album – songs not included in the EP – are less directional. There are elements of surf rock throughout, particularly in “The Gloam”. Pop-driven tunes lead to tracks like “Heat Wave” and “Liss Blue.” Finally, ‘Nosferatu’ and ‘Deep Water’ showcase all the classic Vundabar sounds – notes that end abruptly with a distinctly soft/loud dynamic and sound.

Considering that Vundabar’s debut album was released when the original band members were still in high school, it’s clear that they’ve always been fortunate to have young success as musicians. 2015 lovers gawk You might be surprised to learn that the band has finally received well-deserved acclaim for title songs like “Alien Blues” so widely.

As with a handful of other lucky music artists who have written songs perfectly suited to the TikTok era today (looking at you, Rit Momni), Vundabar experienced its biggest wave of fame in the past year. “Alien Blues” was recently swept into the TikTok algorithm, and the seven-year-old song was streamed more than a million times a day at the height of the hype. At the time of writing, Vundabar now has over four million monthly listeners. release date Devil for fire It was extended several times for reasons I suspect are related to this unexpected increase, as the band has since focused their time on promoting “Alien Blues” by releasing a new music video, Nelly de Souza And perform the song on Late Night with Seth Meyers Last month.

All this means is that, as a longtime fan, I can’t wait to see where the renewed fame of 2015’s Vundabar album will take them in terms of the track they’ve taken. Devil for fire Forecasts. Will the trio return to the high-energy, gritty tracks of their youth, or will Vundabar’s upcoming album take them back to the new, creepy, old-fashioned room rock? Only time will tell – but whatever the case, they will do just fine. – Mykina Malan

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