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Saturday Night LiveThe cold e’s open on April 16 touched on everything from Elon Musk’s attempt to buy Twitter and Britney Spears to announce her pregnancy, to Coachella and the nasty comments about Morbius.

Bowen Yang’s Easter Bunny kicked off outdoors against a pastel-and-garden backdrop to imitate the Christian holiday.

“It’s really me, the Easter Bunny,” Yang said. Either that, or you’re in Coachella and the shrooms are on. “

He continued, “Well, it’s Easter, aka warm Halloween, and I may not be the most popular character for the holidays, but yeah, I’m a scary guy-sized bunny with no backstory. I’m not like Santa — I don’t use bonded elves to make baskets Easter. I get them on Etsy because I support women, and remember that the spirit of Easter isn’t about candy, eggs, or even bunnies. It’s about renewal and birth. That’s why I’ve invited people from all walks of life to share their hopes this Easter season.”

Then Yang introduced Mickey Day, Anthony Fauci of Kate McKinnon, Marjorie Taylor Green of Cecily Strong, Eric Adams of Chris Reed, Chloe Venemans Spears, Jared Leto of Kyle Mooney, and Donald Trump of James Austin Johnson.

“Okay, I’m Elon Musk,” Day Musk began. “And I’m here to officially buy Easter. I’m offering 43 billion Peeps. That was a joke. Did you get it? That’s why afterwards I said ‘It was a joke,’ so you know it was a joke.”

Today’s version of the tech billionaire who hosted SNL Last season, he asked if people were afraid to “make Twitter bad.” He added, “What are you afraid I’ll buy next? The Oscars?”

McKinnon’s Fauci started by comparing Fauci to shine, saying that no matter how hard someone tries to get rid of it, it’s still in your hair and on your face.

“I’m not here to give you guidance on the coronavirus anymore,” McKinnon said. “I’m not stupid enough to think you’ll actually follow him. All I’m going to say is the COVID cases are a lot like Jesus’ case. They’ve done it again. Don’t worry. If you get vaccinated, you’ll be fine. If you don’t get vaccinated, I’m not supposed to say this. But I honestly don’t care what happens to you.”

Next was Strong’s Green, complete with a chocolate rifle with “real” bullets, saying she was concerned about Easter now that she was associated with pastels and beans.

“This holiday has become more than LGBTQRST for me,” said Strong. “There is nothing like me on Easter – the day a group of priests worship a shirtless man with big abs, and then talk about wanting to eat his body. Those are straight things. So Happy Easter, God bless Russia. I mean America. , but both, right?”

Reed took on the role of New York City Mayor Eric Adams and said he was grateful this Easter that New York City arrested the man responsible for the Brooklyn subway shootings on Tuesday morning.

“Sure, it took 30 hours, and the suspect turned himself in, but we got it. Case closed. Subway fixed. Ride without fear. And I don’t just go on a press conference about it. I’m doing a show, Yo.”

Fineman’s Spears appeared to share the news of her pregnancy (“I’m Finally Free, I Have a Baby”); Jared Leto asked Mooney not to review Morbus. Trump told Johnson that not asking them to share his wish for Easter was “another example of whites being treated badly in this country”.

Lizzo pulled double duty on April 16 SNL Host and guest musician.


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