Soon, Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara met on the big screen

Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix spin the perfect love. But it’s been 2018 since they celebrated it by sharing a big movie poster. Today, it’s over. With her latest movie ‘Polaris’, director Lynne Ramsay’s actor duo is once again reuniting, to the delight of fans of Joaquin Phoenix and his maddening touches deeply mixed with the roles of Rooney Mara. In fact, the latter had already given the answer to her soulmate and father of her first child in the dystopian romance “He”, where she played his ex-wife with whom he was struggling to separate. And the young parents’ chemistry was even more impressive when they camped out Jesus and Mary Magdalene in the eponymous bio, in 2018. A mutual fascination The couple apparently had no trouble playing it.

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“Joaquin Phoenix is ​​crazy”

When we remember the first collaboration between the director and Joaquin Phoenix, on “A Beautiful Day”, this new project can only make us dream. With this film under high tension described as a “new taxi driver,” the actor won the Interpretation Award at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. Lynne Ramsey was also full of praise for him: “Joaquin Phoenix is ​​crazy, but he’s the best actor I’ve ever met. All that He does in the group has a reason… It becomes more difficult when you have an original idea like this [« Polaris »]The director of “We Need To Talk About Kevin,” the revenge movie that made him so popular, said it’s impossible not to get excited when you make a movie with Joaquin. In fact, the actor who’s been tearing everyone down since The Joker is known for giving himself body and soul in his roles, even if it means starting incredible physical transformations. On a particularly ‘beautiful day’ he became a mountain of muscle, topped with a folded beard.

On both sides, the spouses, deeply involved in the environmental issue, are not unemployed. If Joaquin Phoenix is ​​portraying the next Ari Aster, “Disappointment Blvd. Rooney Mara will soon appear in the highly anticipated ‘Nightmare Alley’ by Guillermo del Toro. At the moment, no script details have been provided for ‘Polaris’.

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