New app to track and improve recovery for stroke survivors with aphasia

A smartphone app to track and improve communication recovery for stroke survivors with aphasia is under development by researchers from the University of Queensland. Dr Sarah Wallace, a speech pathologist in the University of Queensland’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, said a joint design process with stroke survivors, their families and speech pathologists will … Read more

Aphasia is a debilitating, disabling state that makes me question myself

Biographer Katharine Hepburn once noted the way aging generalizes everyone. The rich and famous were not spared. The example he gave was of Hepburn in her old age, afraid of being caught by an unexpected visitor when the former star was having dinner at a Chinese table in front of the TV. This is how … Read more

A new project aims to improve the lives of stroke survivors with aphasia

A researcher in Queensland will lead a new project aimed at improving the lives of people with aphasia, a debilitating condition that affects one in three stroke survivors. Dr Jessica Campbell, Researcher at the University of Queensland and Ms. Marigold Southey Aphasia Research Grant recipient. Image Credit: The Stroke Foundation Jessica Campbell has been awarded … Read more

Intensive treatment of aphasia: SLP . mechanism presentations

ANAHEIM, CA, May 5, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Robotic SLP, a small Anaheim speech therapy practice founded by Lyda Kongswangwongsa, an ASHA-certified speech-language pathologist (CCC SLP), can be any other private speech therapy practice, except Two big differences. The first difference is that SLP is specialized in speech therapy for adults. Many private clinics provide … Read more

Anita Chapria: Bruce Willis’ family has opened up about his health – their heroic deed will help others | columns of opinion

Charles Decarli, director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Center at the University of California, Davis, was stunned to hear that Bruce Willis had been diagnosed with a brain disease a few weeks ago — in part because he knows better than most of what it means. The news brought him back to the time he was … Read more

A diagnosis of aphasia ends the life of Bruce Willis. What is that?

His family said that actor Bruce Willis, who appears here in 2019, will be “walking away” from his acting career after being diagnosed with aphasia. Aphasia is a language disorder caused by brain damage. Brad Parkt News agency In a statement on Wednesday, March 30, his family announced that actor Bruce Willis has aphasia and … Read more

Queensland Center for Aphasia Research opens, providing treatments and social relationships to patients and their families

In the early 1950s, Bill Bowness’s father had a stroke that completely changed his life, as he lost his ability to speak and much of his mobility. the main points: Aphasia is a language disorder that affects 140,000 Australians In this case, a new research center has opened at the University of Queensland The center … Read more

Five different diseases that attack the language areas of the brain that cause primary progressive aphasia

There are five different diseases that attack language areas in the left hemisphere of the brain that slowly cause progressive impairment of language known as primary progressive aphasia (PPA), according to a new study in Northwestern Medicine. We discovered that each of these diseases affects a different part of the language network. In some cases, … Read more

Key question with Bruce Willis and aphasia: is his condition typical or rare? | local news

Speech pathologist Katie Brown was among those concerned about Bruce Willis’ aphasia diagnosis. She is also concerned about her clients and others with a neurological condition that limits the ability to speak and process language, the vast majority of whom don’t have the mental disabilities described in a Los Angeles Times story last month that … Read more