Bruce Willis snatches lunch in Los Angeles after six weeks off work due to a diagnosis of aphasia

Bruce Willis was seen eating lunch in Brentwood, Calif., on Sunday, six weeks after it was revealed the actor had quit acting after being diagnosed with aphasia. The Pulp Fiction actor, 67, wore a gray polo shirt with light blue jeans and gray sneakers on a weekend outing to Divino’s Italian restaurant. The Sixth Sense … Read more

Bruce Willis plays basketball with video after being diagnosed with aphasia

Bruce Willis dunks. The “Die Hard” star, whose family announced his diagnosis of aphasia earlier this year, appeared in high spirits on Monday as he played a backyard basketball game with some of his teammates. Willis’ wife, Emma Hemming, captioned a video on her Instagram Story, “See you BeeDub” shoving the ball over the net. … Read more

Impact of Bruce Willis’ aphasia diagnosis on wife Emma’s mental health

Emma Heming Willis has spoken out about the difficulties of caring for her family amid the diagnosis of husband Bruce Willis’ incarceration. Emma Heming Willis admits she is struggling amid the diagnosis of husband Bruce Willis’ confinement. “I put my family’s needs above my own, which I’ve found doesn’t make me a champion of any … Read more

Demi Moore shares an emotional family photo with her daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah

May 08, 2022 – 23:02 GMT one of the pines Demi Moore shared a rare family photo showing her daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah to commemorate a heartfelt Mother’s Day. Demi Moore He had a more spiritual way to celebrate mother’s Dayas evidenced by her latest social media post showing her three daughters. MORE: Demi … Read more

Rumer Willis gets her hands full in Los Angeles… as she continues to deal with my father’s aphasia diagnosis

Rumer Willis was casually dressed when she went out alone in Los Angeles on Tuesday. The 33-year-old daughter of Hollywood vets Bruce Willis and Demi Moore carried a cup of coffee and two bags. Her descent comes as she continues to post pictures of her and her father after he was recently diagnosed with aphasia. … Read more

Bruce Willis celebrates his youngest daughter’s 8th birthday with a special new family video

05 May 2022 – 23:13 GMT Rebecca Lewis Bruce Willis and wife Emma Hemming Willis celebrate their youngest daughter Evelyn’s eighth birthday Bruce Willis And his wife, Emma Hemming Willis, celebrate the birthday of their youngest daughter Evelyn with a beautiful video filmed when she was a child. MORE: Bruce Willis’ wife Emma gives a … Read more

Rumer Willis is an unofficial character as she continues to deal with her father’s confinement diagnosis

The world learned on Wednesday that Hollywood legend Bruce Willis, 67, is retiring due to being diagnosed with aphasia, a potentially devastating condition that results in a person losing communication skills. The Willis family announced that the condition would result in the Die Hard star “removing from a career that meant so much to him”. … Read more

‘The Essex Serpent’ is set to premiere on Apple TV +

make a whisper Bestselling “The Essex Serpent,” now a six-part Apple TV+ series, set in 1893, premieres on its 13th. Stars Tom Hiddleston and Claire Dance. Good luck understanding the thing. Claire Dance: “The serpent is a metaphor for anxieties and fears. The extreme novel is a kind of ‘exile from Eden’ without feeling ashamed. … Read more

Put the secrets of classic science fiction

1997 was a banner for movies of all kinds. “You had ‘LA Confidential’, ‘Donnie Brasco’, ‘Good Will Hunting’, ‘Titanic,’ and ‘As Good as It Gets’,” producer John Amicarella told The Post. He said, “And you had the ‘fifth element.’” Amicarella was a co-producer of French author Luc Besson’s futuristic science fiction journey. Set in the … Read more

Picture of Bruce Willis with family at home after health diagnosis

April 26, 2022 – 20:38 GMT Rebecca Lewis Bruce Willis has been photographed with his little girls for the first time since the aphasia was diagnosed Bruce Willis He was photographed with his little girls for the first time since his debut He retires from work after being diagnosed with aphasia. MORE: Bruce Willis’ wife … Read more