“The musical was a challenge.”

By Marilyn Letterter published 11 hours agoAnd Update immediately Taher Rahim plays in Don Juan, Written by Serge Bozon with Virginie Evira and Alain Schamfort. Arnaud Lamm/Studio Charlet In the musical by Serge Bozon shown at Cannes, the actor embodies the annoying and adorable Don Juan, along with Virginie Evra. distance sinner And a Golden … Read more

Michelle Yeoh and ‘Ambulance’ judge while ‘Morbius’ drools | Movie

No beating around the bush, kids. It’s only April, but Daniels (“Swiss Army Man”) “Everything Everywhere at Once” (A24-AGBO-Ley Line Entertainment-IAC Films-Year of the Rat, 2022, 140 min) (A24-AGBO-Ley Line Entertainment-IAC Films-Year of the Rat, 2022). I’ve seen it this year. It might be better than any movie that hasn’t been released yet. Here we … Read more

Review: “Morbius”? More like a dying person. This is just a patty | entertainment

The last hero of Marvel is hard to explain. He’s a man and a bat, too. No, not Batman. Let me try again: he’s a day-walking vampire, but, no, this adorable cat isn’t a blade. This guy is good but also very bad. See, he clearly has an identity crisis and his movie is in … Read more

Who plays the Joker in the blockbuster Robert Pattinson movie?

If you’ve watched The Batman, you must have noticed that one of DC’s most cult characters appeared in the Arkham Hive. But who personifies the dark knight’s archenemy in Gotham? Who will succeed Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix? Batman Written by Matt Reeves is the cinematic event at the beginning of … Read more