Elon Musk criticizes the theory that having fewer children will help the environment

Musk says having children is “essential to maintaining civilization.” (a queue) SpaceX and Tesla chief Elon Musk recently argued it’s “complete bullshit” that people haven’t had children because it harms the environment. Speaking at All-In Summit via video, a father of seven said, “Some people think having fewer children is better for the environment. It’s … Read more

Vampire-centric Morbius is another roll of Marvel’s dice

The development of the era of comic book movies has seen characters previously thought of as fringes move into the mainstream. Few would have predicted that Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, and Shazam would one day make their own movies, but here we are. Now join the unexpected list Morbiusalso known as the living vampire. … Read more

‘I have a lot of self-loathing’

Jared Leto in MorbiusPhoto: Sony Welcome to summer MorbiusJoyful time when we all reckon with the truth of it Morbiusa movie that no one seems to want or like, I made millions of dollars last weekend. Morbius reached by critics, which makes it one of the worst-reviewed Marvel neighborhood movies of the modern era. But … Read more

Morbius shows Sony is trying hard with Sinister Six

picture: Marvel Entertainment / Sony Pictures Entertainment Cinematic worlds are difficult to achieve, with only two complete successes in the form of the original Monster Worlds and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This did not prevent many from participating in the event in multiple ways, set up sequences And the planned crossovers that don’t eventually perform … Read more