Shaw University School of Health Professions Shed Light on Communication Disorders

Fairfield, Conn. Faculty members of the College of Health Professions at the University of the Sacred Heart highlighted the importance of audiologists and speech-language pathologists (SLPs) during the month of May at the national level to improve hearing and speech. They help dispel misconceptions about people with speech, language, and hearing disabilities and explain how … Read more

Definition, types, causes and symptoms

Communication disorders affect a person’s ability to detect, receive, process, and understand concepts or symbols necessary for communication. The process of communication enables a person to convey information, express his or her thoughts and feelings, and understand the thoughts, emotions and thoughts of others. The American Hearing, Speech-Language Association (ASHA) estimates that about 5-10% of … Read more

Key question with Bruce Willis and aphasia: is his condition typical or rare? | local news

Speech pathologist Katie Brown was among those concerned about Bruce Willis’ aphasia diagnosis. She is also concerned about her clients and others with a neurological condition that limits the ability to speak and process language, the vast majority of whom don’t have the mental disabilities described in a Los Angeles Times story last month that … Read more